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MP3 in an alliance


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I think it's fine to have the Crafters material vault keep the badge of the Crafters. It's not really a player anyhow, so you would really have to be saying, "The rules apply to everything." Plus, it's not like they're breaking any rules, it was just there before alliance play was restricted to MP4+. Rare, but not worth eliminating.

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[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1830 - [2011-04-29 01:08:39 - Stage 10][/color]
Any player that wishes to be part of an alliance needs to now be at least MP4 level to join.[/quote]
A player needs to be mp4 to join, nothing says they need to be one to stay inside.

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Udgard explained it already, MP3 that were inside before the restrictions were added could technically stay inside forever.

Strictly speaking it's not even a bug, more like something that could happen before and cannot anymore...
That'll happen quite often when rules change, there'll almost always be people who have stuff that can't be achieved anymore. Simplest example are creatures that you upgraded beyond the MP-limit before it was introduced, that'd look like a bug to most newbies, too.

Closed, moved.

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