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Slave Trade

Hedge Munos

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Step right up!

[color=#cccccc][Quote]Ann. 2188 - [2012-02-02 02:52:38 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]Slave role items[/b]
I will put on a leash a couple of more slaves...yeah call it a flagrant human rights violation. If your role involves something related to this, contact me or use the forum to request a personal leash. I will give the leash to you, after that you can do whatever you wish with it. Whoever controls the leash will control the one it was made for. Do not request this unless you have strong arguments why i should give you such an item. I will only give out a couple of leashes, not too many and not to everyone. There is a technical option to create leashes with limited number of uses (number of drags) and then they could return to a slave master or even to the owner, or get destroyed. Consider this option and feel free to discuss it on the forum. Provide player id and exact playername (including *) when making the request. [/Quote]

If you're looking for slaves, you may want to post your ID (unless of course you'd rather contact Mur personally)


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I would like a request to be leashed and given my own leash.

I would prefer to have the leesh with a time limit before I can break loose if needed in case my loyalty is no longer there for my master, or just a regular one if not possible.

Arguements for: I am a wolf, controlable and usable for others, but always with a desire to isolate myself and find a new home. My motivation is to be used by others, which is very satisfying for me. I would like a leash to allow others to use me however they wish for as long as they are able to hold onto the leash, to fulfill my desires of being useful and not just existing. I would like to be a tool for others to use, maybe even shared >>

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