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Did you zoom in on something and then forgot to zoom back out again? No clue if chrome saves the zooming...

Anyways, this is just what MD looks to me in opera when i zoom it to 110%. Everything gets bigger and easier to read, but the chat looks weird.

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[quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1329297504' post='104318']
Are all other pages you lokk at normal?

If not teh zoom, it looks as if you had chosen a wrong resolution (not teh native resolutionof your screen). But if it was so, you would have problems on everything you display.

Also problems with a display resolution would not show on a print screen, as print screen takes an image, pixel per pixel.

You tried pressing ctrl-0 ?

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Throw Chrome throughout the Windows ;)
There are better browsers out there, just spend some time and find yours.

[b]Warning![/b] Large quantity of statistics after the click, reload the coffee cup and adjust the light:


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It's been said before, but I should probably mention: Firefox is the browser that MD was intended for, and it seems to produce the least bugs. With chrome I've experienced messaging problems, more ajax errors, messed up fonts, scene loading errors, and so on. I use chrome for everything BUT md.

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I am running "The World" browser, IE based, outdated & lightwheight, yet has all the needed features for start. I like it cause I am running an old laptop, haven't seen the need to use it on newer when I can use FF.

With this said I see no problems with the IE engine. Everything works as it should.

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