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Pipstickz takes over Knights of the Bell

Fyrd Argentus

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Pipstickz recently assumed the leadership of this ancient alliance of Marind Bell, and ejected all members. Your humble reporter asked for an interview. Pip declined to answer questions related to the takeover itself, but gave the following responses.

FA: What is your opinion of the prior leadership?
[b]Pipstickz: [/b]From what I saw, there was little leadership within the alliance, it was all based on past decisions that had already been made. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, as it works much more efficiently than relying on a single leader, and neither is it necessarily true, because the inner workings of alliances are often kept to those within the alliance in question. Still, KoB had plenty of inactive members and was only really a holding place for Marind Bell citizens. It was originally the military part of Marind Bell, and there are no wars, so what goal could the KoB be working towards?

FA: Do you harbor animosity towards any particular person or group?
[b]Pipstickz:[/b] I've got all sorts of animosity, but that can never be the only reason to take action, because then the action is based on petty feelings of jealousy or anger, and that doesn't look very good on paper or in practice.

FA: Are you trying to make a statement of some sort?
[b]Pipstickz:[/b] Not explicitly, no, but consciously or not it does affect the way people perceive and react to things, namely the Marind Bell people who I've slighted in this case.

FA: What is your long-term plan for the alliance?
[b]Pipstickz:[/b] Any long term plan I make will most likely need heavy alteration, so I tend to stray from those. Short-term, the only plan I've got is to wait until the panic from this one dies down.

FA: What sort of reaction are you getting from Marind Bell characters?
[b]Pipstickz:[/b] The first one to message me actually thanked me for doing it, and I'm fairly sure it wasn't sarcastic, so that made me smile a bit. Then both Rhaegar and Clock messaged me the sorts of things you'd expect, why'd you do it, how can we get it back, etc. Ultimately, though, they've been respectful thus far, and I appreciate that.

FA: What is the best way for people with concerns or questions to approach you on this subject?
[b]Pipstickz:[/b] Probably publicly, or if it's a group (as in Marind Bell citizens), with a representative. Answering the same question a bunch of times because there's no communication within a group bothers me.

FA: What is the connection between this event and the situation in Loreroot?
[b]Pipstickz:[/b] The fact that I did it. If there's some deeper connection, you'd have to ask a conspiracy theorist because I don't know what it is.

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