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Banking biproducts

Necromancer Mortis

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I am willing to bank syntropic dust, sand, sawdust, flowers and timeless dust.

I can of course only do one for each person and will continue to do so until either I wish to start collecting my own which is currently unlikely.

I will charge 1sc per 100 stored for this service.

Please pm or post on the forum if interested.

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I fail to see the appeal here. you are going to be storing byproducts which you can withdraw from you when we please. So the problems I see are these first of all these items regardless of how many you have take up one slot in your inventory since they stack. Regardless there is no determinable limit of how many different items you have so what is the point of using you as a safety deposit box.
Farther more I would have to be online at the same time as you in order to make a withdrawal on those items or make a deposit. And finally I have to pay you in order to hold onto them.
Currently all I see is a loss on the person who banks and a win on your side. You also have the right to cancel the service at any time without refunding them. You technically cant even make this a contractual agreement because there is no real benefit to the other side where contract has to have both sides benefit (unless there is a wax drop or red sticker on the page).
I personally at least from what I can see this is nothing more than a scam.

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I'll take the side of the supporter here.
For those wandering on a collecting spree, if you coordinate with a friend to pass on your secondary resources (Sand/Flowers/Syntropic Dust/etc) you can harvest often and get a final result which includes a lot more than the "one Flowers" you might if you were not "storing them elsewhere" during your herb collecting.

Kudos for the offer. I'll keep you in mind if I gather any more.

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The deposit can also be made if Necro is offline as long as he states the location where he'll be offline at.

I will take your offer in about 2-3 weeks for sand and syntropic dust if it's still available. However i do need to know your online times to know when you are moving around and not in a fixed location.

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