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would it be possible to get a mds_is_itc() function?

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With the addition of more 'physical' resources, shared tools, and such, would it be possible to adapt the same sort of functionality that mds_is_ctc() uses, to get the info from an ITC code?

The CTC checker is nice to confirm trades, and rewards of quest sponsors, and I'd like to have the ability to confirm items sponsored as well, before actually trading the items.

(and on a more personal note, I have a basic @storage for my own quest rewards, that ensures the CTC is still valid for things I saved in it a while ago... it would be awesome to validate ITC as well, so folks can save their own sponsored rewards via my "clickie treasury" )


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Thank you Rendril!

mds_is_itc(); is now a valid function. It returns the following details on an item.
(returns 'false' if an invalid code is entered)

["id"] - The ID of the item itself.
["uid"] - The ID of the owner!
["name"] - The name of the object (ie: "Silver Coin")
["creationdate"] - When it was created (as epoc seconds I think?)
["transferdate"] - last transfer date (also as epoc secondS?)
["tag"] - Tag ("tool", "Valuable", "enchanted, consumable", etc)

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