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New Player, Or Can't Find The FAQs? Read This


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New or old, you may have questions about what various things do in game, what things are, or what you're meant to do. Whilst some of this information would be spoilers and so shouldn't be public, there's a lot of information around the game designed to help you.
The picture below (click to enlarge) is there to indicate where you might find answers to your questions, be that through in game text, or from the Live Help messaging system where you can ask LHOs questions.
[attachment=3882:FAQ Help Mk2.png]

Anywhere (aside from the game chat) you see a linked "?", "Info" or "More Info" will direct you towards help text relevant to where you find it. A few are pointed out with arrows in the picture.
There are other help texts pointed out below the figure in armour. You may not have this armour figure - it is an Extra Feature in the game shop, in this case they will display slightly higher than in the picture, but still be fairly noticeable.

Alongside these there are some signposts, as circled in the first image, in certain scenes. In the case of signposts some are helpful game texts, others are 'clickables' which players can edit after gaining the ability, the difference in appearance is below. 'Clickables' are all over the realm in different shapes and sizes, the attic cord in the Paper Cabin Study Room is one for instance. Players tend to use them for quests, but they're also used for other purposes.
[attachment=3804:Game Text vs Clickable.png]

The other main place for finding help is the Live Help button, it's the golden coloured button to the right of the circled signpost, with an arrow pointing at it in the first image. You can see an example of it below this paragraph. To the right there is a list of help pages about various topics which might be of use. To the left allows you to send a message to a Live Help Operator, they're there to answer any questions you might have about what to do.
[attachment=3806:Live Help Box.png]

If you feel anything is missing from the help pages please let me, or an LHO know. In the meantime do ask the LHOs the questions that aren't there currently.

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Nice , it should be a sticky of its not already

(and is there a FAQ in game interface that i did not yer found?)

Thinking for newplayers is real nice, this game is not with intuitive, and many same questions should be always ask by many new players i suppose.

(like I had not found by myself that cliking on http://magicduel.com/img/skin/default/progress_indicator.gif, was not a decoration but a button with info)
(and even then, that info was not clear meaning for me)

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