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Return of story night


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I am thinking of restarting story night so as to get some stuff going and to keep myself from gnawing at my hands in boredom.

This time, there will be no prizes, no judges, just plain stories to share and entertainment of friends.
The old rules will remain and I will do some digging for said old rules [such as that about content, and length] at another date as soon as I figure out if this is something people even want happening.

Stories do not need to be fictional, they can be events that have actually happened or be fictional events with a realistic twist.

Dates and times will be announced after I can do some thinking. I will need a host to help run the event for me so that it can go smoothly. hosts need not worry about finer details as I will organize everything myself in whatever time I have. They simply need to be able to attend the event for me in my stead.

This may be subject to change:
If someone wishes to hand out prizes of their own will, seperate of story night, you are free to do so. But my hands will be free of any disappointment some may receive in this case.

Any questions or concerns are welcomed to me by PM in game or in forum.

Thank you.

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Awesome sauce. I will probably have this set in a sanctuary so that people need not worry about attacks.

There is a varying amount of options available for times, such as multiple times during the week, or a day, multiple times a month, once a month, etc.

Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Why not play to the moon, and either it's fullness or Darkness, for Stories to unfold? (or both) so every other week, with slightly shifted days to allow all to participate in time. As for Time, well, that's your call.

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I have settled upon a story to tell at the story night. Won't say what it is until then.

Also, I personally think that Berserker's Way would be a good place for storytelling but it's up to Curiose.

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1337363445' post='112302']
Yay awesome sauce!

I am thinking of having it at 00:00 and maye another time before or after. I spoke with innocence, and we wish to put the stories up in a seperate section on the MD page, so if you guys could e mail your stories when you get them, they'll be put up!

What address should I email to?

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