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Skill damage block.

lone wolf pup

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Looking at BHCs, normally a reward is skilldamage for first place, which is alright and all, but not everyone wants to inflict harm on everyone they attack. Eon fairly won his ability to use Skill damage from a BHC and there is not much we can do against it, so why can't there be a switch between reward for skilldamage and skill damage block for First place? Or even the option to choose between the two. It'd give players a chance to at least counter Eon's reward for themself a bit by winning the same contest Eon has won. I for one would be more motivated to go for first if I knew it'd help me maintain more stats than get rid of other's stats.

Sorry for horribly written, hope the point came out clear enough.

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its worded well enough Lone, no need to worry about that =]

i, for one, love this idea.

i have been thinking about participating in the BHC, but have never done so for the exact same reasons you stated. i dont want to hurt everyone i fight,

so. with that in mind. i second his idea, for an option between StatDamage and StatBlock when winning first place in BHC.

youve got my Lycan Support.

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I like this idea quite a bit. Although, in the unlikely event that it's too extreme (creating a scenario where skilldamage doesn't work, although I think winners of BHC should be able to do that -- they've earned it) you could at [i]least[/i] give people with skilldamage the ability to turn it on and off at will. Because as Lone Wolf said, not everyone wants to inflict harm on everybody they attack.

I am not against skilldamage in general but this would still be a nice change.

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Well... I'm going to go ahead and disagree. I like skilldamage, and making BHC winner = SD is a nice clear correlation. I don't want to see a BHC medal and wonder if they will take away my stats. As it is, if you win, that make you the best of the best. And the best fighters deserve to crush everyone else. And, maybe, they can lower Eon's skills. Can SD lower the SD stat? Anyways, I like having only 1 reward.

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interesting idea but NO

why no, nut becoz i stand behind eon or such, but rather becoz imo this would be bad longterm

atm it sounds good cuz only eon is winning so if somebody gets lucky and wins he will have shield against skill dmg, but longterm, when eon wont be the only one able to win, then ya will have ppl with skill dmg and shield against it, then they would become even more untouchable, and small folks will only see their stats goin down, while top few fighters will raise their stats to infinity

skilldmg is opposite to training infinite stats, imo nobody should have stats over 10k, it destoreys point of combat system that says "everybody can beat anybody"

mur made it all fit with skill dmg and the option that more ppl can acquire it by winnin bhc is awesome and theoretically makes no monopol, but problem is that only eon is winnin bhc :P so he is only skill dmger

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@Lib, as there are needles against skilldamage, they can be used against skill damage block. Besides, if you get a fair amount of stats, all you have to do is spend a bit of credits every time you get a shop reset to get 'infinite stat' at a much faster rate than what player gain from training. Everybody can beat anybody, it's called spells I'd assume. If the reward is 20 skilldamage block, it'd block out 20 skill damage and skill damage can be increased just as easily. Oh.. there's also training group to raise stats, and all these other things people have talked about.

There's also the choice of Eon making it that every 1 out of 5 contests give skill block, and others give skilldamage if it's such a problem.

Edited by lone wolf pup
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The point is "organization". When more from the community organize, then each BHC Eon will be pushed in the corner with the Needles. Then one at a time the group will gain skillDMG and then, when all of them start raiding Eon, he will be pushed back to normal stats. This is just a possible scenario, requiring lots of planing, lots of MD time and lots of time overall :D

The problem, arising from this, is what will the group then do, after this is achieved... They will have the "Skill DMG" alliance :))

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[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1337690996' post='112587']
no lone wolf... point is only elite will be able to win shield from skill dmg, meanin they will be able to keep up trainin

ya are distributin shield in same manner as skill dmg, thats biggest problem (in addition to others i already said in previous post), it will all finish where on eon, or some other lucky winner who is also one of top fighters :P soz i dunt see point in that

and no again, everybody can beat anybody is nut called spells, its called usin creats in smart way by anticipatin wut defender is usin and then usin yoar brain wut to use against him, this concept is lost since stats became ubber high and when ya combine them with tokens good auras and uber creats, ya created unbeatable rit

anyway back on topic, by implementin this shield of yoars, we could say yeah its oke we solved problem of stat dmg (read up wut i think about stats....and ignore it for this paragraph since atm i am writin in ideal situation thats nuw actual and from yoar point of view) but then ya would have ppl still complainin and sayin stuff, then they would get reply: "win bhc earn shield", and then the angry poster would reply back and say how the heck am i supposed to win bhc to guard myself from skill dmg if i cant train up stats high enough in first place to win it, so seeeee this aint fixin problem but rather makin it even deeper

but as i said, skill dmg is there to lower down stats to reasonable levels they were meant to be, but skill dmg aint doin its work succesfully, since acquirin stats is still much higher, and eon is immune to it, it can only slow down others from gainin stats

all this talk about skill dmg, while actual problem are stats

point of stats (i am repeatin myself) is to act as small bonus for fightin veterancy (or dedication towards it), its nut meant to be ultimate tool for destruction

Slightly modifiacted, original post and following discussion[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12353-stats-redesign/"] here[/url]

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