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Story Night June 4th


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Come One, Come All!

Story Night will be held at Awiiya's Way during the time of 00:00 on the day of June 4th. Your hosts will be Awiiya and or/ Isabella Finch.

For t hose who wish to have their works displayed, you have three choices:
1. e mail me
2. PM in forum
3. Post them here

Please ask any and all questions or concerns that you may have.

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Time 00:00 is a bit hard to wrap our head's around -

For those of you in the United States, it's Sunday afternoon. For those of you in Europe, it's Sunday night.

For those of you in Romania, it's 12:00 am, i.e. midnight.


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[log= Story Night Logs]

[03/06/12 14:18] [b]:[/b] [i]ignnus collects herbs[/i]
[03/06/12 14:31] [b]:[/b] [i]ignnus collects herbs[/i]
[03/06/12 17:18] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]nadrolski waters Awiiya's roots with Mineral Water[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:18] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:19] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:25] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:30] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:30] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:30] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:30] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:32] [b]nadrolski:[/b]2 Bubbles expired and 2 each has 5 uses left sir :D
[03/06/12 17:33] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]ee...we will win more in time
[03/06/12 17:33] [b]nadrolski:[/b]and regarding Dust, i haven't had spoken with Soothing Sands today, but i should later sir
[03/06/12 17:34] [b]nadrolski:[/b]and should i raise additional Grasans for the other 3 resources?
[03/06/12 17:34] [b]nadrolski:[/b]or these 2 are the best to collect
[03/06/12 17:35] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]i have no idea :P
[03/06/12 17:36] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:36] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:36] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:37] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:37] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]maybe make a forum post and ask...just giving an idea out
[03/06/12 17:37] [b]nadrolski:[/b]for me, those 2 might have better uses than the others hehe
[03/06/12 17:37] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]we more players from mb work to win bubbles we will have a nice amount of them
[03/06/12 17:38] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]if more players
[03/06/12 17:39] [b]nadrolski:[/b]i am halfway on finishing my quest for one bubble, but i blame real life stuffs for the delays lol
[03/06/12 17:41] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]i am pretty sure if the cart will need wiiya to work more will get bubbles
[03/06/12 17:41] [b]nadrolski:[/b]by the way sir, you may also want to raise few named grasans too for faster conversion
[03/06/12 17:42] [b]nadrolski:[/b]i agree with you sir
[03/06/12 17:42] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:42] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:42] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:42] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:42] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]as for grasans...no can do for now
[03/06/12 17:43] [b]nadrolski:[/b]no problem sir, then let my nose-pickers eat them :P
[03/06/12 17:47] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:47] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:48] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:48] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:48] [b]nadrolski:[/b]last 2 uses on each sir, after this i must go
[03/06/12 17:49] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]ok
[03/06/12 17:53] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:53] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:53] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:53] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:58] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:58] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:58] [b]:[/b] [i]nadrolski collects wiiya and syntropicdust as a byproduct[/i]
[03/06/12 17:58] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]nadrolski passed Syntropic Dust to Emerald Arcanix[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 17:59] [b]nadrolski:[/b]all Bubbles are used up sir hehe
[03/06/12 18:00] [b]nadrolski:[/b]now i must go but won't idle. have a good day sir and i'll see you soon
[03/06/12 18:01] [b]nadrolski:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]will collect your Bucket later asap, thank you![/i][/color])
[03/06/12 23:14] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Allo
[03/06/12 23:44] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello Kiley
[03/06/12 23:49] [b]Falronn:[/b]Hello.
[03/06/12 23:49] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Hello.
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello joshdragon and Falronn
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Kiley:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles softly looking up[/i]*[/color] Hello.
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]How are you two?
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Kiley:[/b]I am quite well thank you.
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Falronn:[/b]I am good.
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Quite well, you?
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Kiley:[/b]Just waking. I trust the same for you?
[03/06/12 23:50] [b]Falronn:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]wishing I had a bottle of whiskey...[/i][/color])
[03/06/12 23:51] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Somewhat, yes
[03/06/12 23:51] [b]Awiiya:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]Hah.[/i][/color])
[03/06/12 23:51] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I am doing well. Gearing up for Story Night.
[03/06/12 23:51] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Though I think this one will be a good deal more casual.
[03/06/12 23:51] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I won't force you to listen to any overly poetic dribble on my part.
[03/06/12 23:51] [b]Falronn:[/b]But we like to listen to your "dribble."
[03/06/12 23:52] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley laughs[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 23:52] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Do you?
[03/06/12 23:52] [b]Falronn:[/b]Yes.
[03/06/12 23:52] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Masochists, all.
[03/06/12 23:53] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley bursts out laughing[/i][/color]
[03/06/12 23:53] [b]Kiley:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]have to step away:([/i][/color])
[03/06/12 23:53] [b]Falronn:[/b]And that's why I drink. [color="#305681"]*[i]laughs[/i]*[/color]
[03/06/12 23:53] [b]Awiiya:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]Adios[/i][/color])
[03/06/12 23:53] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It's acid down the throat, and poison in the ears! That's what story night is all about.
[03/06/12 23:53] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Regrettably I have no alcohol. I'm in the bubble business myself.
[03/06/12 23:54] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But if you do a quick performance of any sort I'd pass a bubble your way.
[03/06/12 23:54] [b]Falronn:[/b]Ah, well I have a lot on my mind at the moment.
[03/06/12 23:54] [b]Falronn:[/b]Or I would.
[03/06/12 23:55] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Hmm, I thought that there were no prizes this time.
[03/06/12 23:55] [b]Awiiya:[/b]There aren't.
[03/06/12 23:55] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But a bubble is not a prize.
[03/06/12 23:55] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Ah.
[03/06/12 23:55] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I have a lot of room for your mind within mine
[03/06/12 23:56] [b]Falronn:[/b]How much?
[03/06/12 23:56] [b]Falronn:[/b]I don't think you would like my mind.
[03/06/12 23:57] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]walks near the company[/i]*[/color] hello
[03/06/12 23:57] [b]joshdragon:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods to Valldore Nal[/i]*[/color] Hello.
[03/06/12 23:57] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A lot. And even if I don't, it'd still be worth it.
[03/06/12 23:58] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello there. Have we met? I don't recognize you, though your badge is familiar.
[03/06/12 23:58] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]no we didn't have the chance to meet
[03/06/12 23:59] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I'm Awiiya. You may have heard the name, but I'll say that the name cannot possibly contains the many folds I maintain. You see I slither over eardrums and wallow in witticisms.
[03/06/12 23:59] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I creep across blackboards and chalk over graveyards.
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I point, sign, indicate directions.
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And I'm a little more humble than all that and am pretty ridiculous and small.
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So welcome.
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello BFH
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]Hello
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]Awiiya:[/b]How goes it?
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]bows slightly[/i]*[/color] Valldore would be mine, don't expect that you've heard it, not too much time since i first set foot in this strange realm
[04/06/12 00:00] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]I don't have any stories ready. Just came in to suupport :)
[04/06/12 00:01] [b]Awiiya:[/b]That's a myth about story night.
[04/06/12 00:01] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]Mind if I put in triggers?[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:02] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I have never once come prepared to a Story Night. It's not about preparation, it's about... well... pulling stuff out of your butt.
[04/06/12 00:02] [b]Awiiya:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]Please, do[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:02] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Strange realm, sure, but strangely comfortable.
[04/06/12 00:02] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Take a bubble.
[04/06/12 00:02] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Awiiya passed Wiiya Bubble to Valldore Nal[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:03] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]I almost sign with my real name XD[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:03] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Well, i don't have a story in mind that i could share either, but i came to enjoy the stories that other ppl would like to share
[04/06/12 00:04] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]and who knows, in time i may have one to share as well
[04/06/12 00:04] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Thanks for the Bubble , although i am not quite famirial with it :)
[04/06/12 00:04] [b]Awiiya:[/b]If I may ask - how did you get here?
[04/06/12 00:05] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]By here you mean tonight, or this realm in general ?
[04/06/12 00:07] [b]Awiiya:[/b]The realm, mostly
[04/06/12 00:07] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Welcome, Emerald, Neno
[04/06/12 00:07] [b]Neno Veliki:[/b]hello
[04/06/12 00:07] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]hey
[04/06/12 00:08] [b]Sunfire:[/b]hello
[04/06/12 00:08] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello Sunfire, too
[04/06/12 00:08] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]That could be a bit hard to explain, lets just say that i've heard of the path , and this is where it led me
[04/06/12 00:08] [b]Awiiya:[/b]You heard the path! Heard. Most see it. What sound did the path make?
[04/06/12 00:08] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Was it gravely?
[04/06/12 00:09] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Hehe you are right, i ment i heard about the path :)
[04/06/12 00:09] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington hugs Awi[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:09] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I like hearing the path though. I hear the path because I cannot see.
[04/06/12 00:09] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello again Mimsy. I hope the time between our last meeting has been spent sunnily.
[04/06/12 00:10] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington nods[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:10] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]How can you hear, and yet not see if i may ask ?
[04/06/12 00:10] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks up at Awi[/i]*[/color] D'you think Ience gets bothered by the attention?
[04/06/12 00:10] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Vibrations, Valldore. Vibrations and rustlings. Roots feel, leaves move, branches swing
[04/06/12 00:11] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Who is lence?
[04/06/12 00:11] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Perhaps ience is a what...
[04/06/12 00:11] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]but he's constantly being pat.
[04/06/12 00:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Ience. I have never heard of this person or thing.
[04/06/12 00:12] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Oh? He's spoken of muchly.
[04/06/12 00:12] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Or she. Or it. Hmm...
[04/06/12 00:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hm! Introduce me?
[04/06/12 00:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello Innocence, welcome, as usual.
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Perhaps you speak of him and do not know.
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]You're looking rather shifty today. I approve.
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]Innocence:[/b]Thank you, Spike.
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Perhaps I do! Still, then, alert me to who or what or whom Ience is.
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks at Innocence[/i]*[/color] Ah, and whenever I bring up ience, people assume I mean Innocence.
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Someone could argue with you though, that what you described could be a considered a different way of "seeing" :)
[04/06/12 00:13] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Well that should take the fun out of it, wouldn't you think? Or would you not?
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]Innocence:[/b]...um... is this a story?
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Hmm..
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Not yet.
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Yes - but I use the word for convenience of understanding. If I used the truth, that I feel people, they might misunderstand.
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Nope - no story just yet Innocence.
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]It's the meager beginnings of a potential story.
[04/06/12 00:14] [b]Awiiya:[/b]You're right. So I guess I just have to find Ience by myself.
[04/06/12 00:15] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Oh, you will [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 00:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Perhaps it's in SCIENCE. Or PRESCIENCE.
[04/06/12 00:15] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Or perhaps you already have.
[04/06/12 00:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Have I.
[04/06/12 00:15] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Sc. ience would be a strange title.
[04/06/12 00:16] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It could be short for Schoolmaster Ience. Or Scholar Ience. Or Scotch Ience.
[04/06/12 00:16] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Well, I don't know! You're the one who must do the finding! Or the rediscovery. Or the recognition.
[04/06/12 00:16] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Hmm.
[04/06/12 00:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Too much that I have to do! I am overwhelmed.
[04/06/12 00:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But it's been the graced 15 minutes.
[04/06/12 00:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So now it begins!
[04/06/12 00:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Most of you are familiar faces and know how this goes, but I have been toying with switching it up.
[04/06/12 00:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Many times this forum feels too formal for many to display their words.
[04/06/12 00:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But it's not. It's very casual today.
[04/06/12 00:18] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So -if you have done something, or done nothing, or imagined a world, share it.
[04/06/12 00:18] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Because that's what we are here for. To share a piece of your world.
[04/06/12 00:19] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So - a beginning poem just to warm you all up. Impromptu, for you.
[04/06/12 00:19] [b]Awiiya:[/b]-Gathered under a tree, with leaves
[04/06/12 00:19] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Three, four, five, six, losing count, and me
[04/06/12 00:19] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It's a moment, scissored and cut, pasted onto
[04/06/12 00:20] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Flat paper time, crumpled, waste-basket thrown.
[04/06/12 00:20] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Create again! Borrow, or steal, a raccoon with swift claws in the night
[04/06/12 00:20] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And then, at the end, you've laid down a few lines that serve, and then with us swerve.
[04/06/12 00:20] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It's simple. And I do not ask much.
[04/06/12 00:20] [b]Awiiya:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]end[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:21] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington applauds[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:21] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Innocence claps and smiles.[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:21] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So! Any ideas?
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya motions to the audience[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]TRUE!
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]Innocence:[/b]Um, a moment, if you please.
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]joshdragon:[/b]I have a story.
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]No, no, that one is too long.
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]Sunfire:[/b]i have a poem about beggars
[04/06/12 00:22] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington stops[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]Innocence:[/b]Fenrar is just on the other side of the gate and would like to join us.
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]Innocence:[/b]However, he can't quite make it. Can anyone here help him?
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Okay! So we have Innocence, joshdragon, Sunfire
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]Falronn:[/b]Not enough AP?
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]I'm afraid I have no pickles handy.
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I wish I had a teleport, but alas, I don't.
[04/06/12 00:23] [b]joshdragon:[/b]My story is a bit on the long side, though.
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Handy Pockets might. A pity she's not around.
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I have time.
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Falronn passed Spicy Pickle to Innocence[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]Innocence:[/b]...would anyone object to a change of venue, then?
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]Sunfire:[/b]can i go before josh then? i dont have that much time im 'fraid
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I would...
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]Innocence:[/b]I don't know if that's going to help, Falls. He's still kinda new here.
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]You have time? I might like to see time, sometime.
[04/06/12 00:24] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Yes - Sunfire
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]It should give him enough, Inno.
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Innocence:[/b]Hmm...
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]joshdragon:[/b]I can ask him if a pickle would give enough, I have him on my quick-mail list.
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Innocence - I cannot move.
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Innocence:[/b]Okay.
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Innocence:[/b]Just a second.
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]he should be able to make it here now
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Innocence:[/b]...whatever that means...
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]apophys:[/b]Hello there.
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]sent him 2 pickle
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Emerald Arcanix:[/b]s
[04/06/12 00:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello apophys, all
[04/06/12 00:26] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]thinks to himself[/i]*[/color] True! Very, very confused I had been and am.
[04/06/12 00:26] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Sunfire - would you like to go first?
[04/06/12 00:26] [b]Sunfire:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]shrugs[/i]*[/color] sure
[04/06/12 00:26] [b]Awiiya:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] Then wait a few moment for Innocence to get back
[04/06/12 00:26] [b]Fenrar:[/b]Thank you Emerald, Innocence... greetings all [color="#305681"]*[i]bows[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 00:26] [b]apophys:[/b]Nice to see that story night makes the biggest gathering in the realm at the moment.
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Innocence passed Spicy Pickle to Falronn[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]Awiiya:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]laughs[/i]*[/color] Yes, it is nice.
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]Falronn:[/b]Ah, thanks.
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington passes a note to apophys[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hello Fenrar. I am Awiiya, this is story night, an open forum to share, and... be here.
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But I think we are all here so!
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Sunfire is up, Innocence and joshdragon next.
[04/06/12 00:27] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So without further ado, silence and respect for Sunfire:
[04/06/12 00:28] [b]Sunfire:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]coughs[/i]*[/color] the city's flees
[04/06/12 00:28] [b]Sunfire:[/b]living in the shadows of the city
[04/06/12 00:28] [b]Sunfire:[/b]even tho we move in plain daylight
[04/06/12 00:29] [b]Sunfire:[/b]people look at us with pitty
[04/06/12 00:29] [b]Sunfire:[/b]others even filled with fright
[04/06/12 00:29] [b]Sunfire:[/b].
[04/06/12 00:29] [b]Sunfire:[/b]roaming at the busy market
[04/06/12 00:29] [b]Sunfire:[/b]or hanging at the gates
[04/06/12 00:30] [b]Sunfire:[/b]people whose faces they so easily forget
[04/06/12 00:30] [b]Sunfire:[/b]while we only work for a better fate
[04/06/12 00:30] [b]Sunfire:[/b].
[04/06/12 00:30] [b]Sunfire:[/b]whenever we come near
[04/06/12 00:31] [b]Sunfire:[/b]they act like we're a disease
[04/06/12 00:31] [b]Sunfire:[/b]they'd rather have us dissapear
[04/06/12 00:31] [b]Sunfire:[/b]for them we're just the city's flees
[04/06/12 00:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sunfire bows[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]apophys claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Innocence smiles and claps.[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]joshdragon claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:33] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:33] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Valldore Nal applauds[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:33] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A poem dripping with sadness and dejection. Nicely put.
[04/06/12 00:33] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington applauds[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:34] [b]Awiiya:[/b]We have Innocence and joshdragon. Anyone else have to leave early and would like to go soonish?
[04/06/12 00:34] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley wakes with a soft smile watching from the shadows[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:34] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I will take that as a no.
[04/06/12 00:35] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So - Innocence, go ahead.
[04/06/12 00:35] [b]Innocence:[/b]Oh, wait... what?
[04/06/12 00:35] [b]Innocence:[/b]I don't have anything. I wonder why you kept saying that.
[04/06/12 00:36] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya laughs[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:36] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A misunderstanding.
[04/06/12 00:37] [b]Awiiya:[/b]No! You Must Share! [color="#305681"]*[i]mock anger[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 00:37] [b]apophys:[/b]:3
[04/06/12 00:37] [b]Innocence:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]pouts in an exaggerated fashion.[/i]*[/color] ...but... but...
[04/06/12 00:37] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I do not care! Share!
[04/06/12 00:38] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Rhyme intentional or a happy mistake?
[04/06/12 00:38] [b]Fenrar:[/b]Please?
[04/06/12 00:38] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Intentional.
[04/06/12 00:38] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington nods[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:38] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But - joshdragon had something. So before we devolve into random outcries, we should give due respect.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Innocence:[/b]Okay, okay... I guess I can come up with something...
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]johsdragon are you ready?
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Yes.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Or! Innocence shows a change of heart!
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]No surprise for a changeling.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Innocence:[/b]Or not. Whew! Saved at the last moment.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]apophys:[/b]Ha ha.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]joshdragon go ahead. Innocence you're not off the hook - you go after.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Just a moment.
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]Innocence:[/b]Shucks... [color="#305681"]*[i]scuffs at the ground with a hoof.[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 00:39] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Okay, I'm ready now.
[04/06/12 00:40] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar murmurs then watches Josh silently[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:40] [b]joshdragon:[/b]"The Tale of Bragi"
[04/06/12 00:41] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Each day, the doors of Valhalla swing wide, and out of those doors pour the hosts of the Einherjar.
[04/06/12 00:41] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Through the day they battle, all in preparation for the final doom they know will come on the day of Ragnarok.
[04/06/12 00:41] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Among them, one walks unharmed.
[04/06/12 00:41] [b]joshdragon:[/b]No sword strikes against him. No spear is aimed at him. He is Bragi, Skald of the Gods.
[04/06/12 00:42] [b]joshdragon:[/b]After the battle, once those who died are revived to join in the feast in the great hall, Bragi tells them tales and sings them songs to keep them entertained.
[04/06/12 00:42] [b]joshdragon:[/b]He is well liked in general, but he hears the whispers in the back of the hall.
[04/06/12 00:42] [b]joshdragon:[/b]"That Bragi," they say. "Great storyteller, but he is no warrior. He will be useless when the giants come for us."
[04/06/12 00:43] [b]joshdragon:[/b]One day, Bragi decided he did not like this. He wanted to make a good account of himself on the day of Ragnarok, so he went to the dwarves, the great metalsmiths and masons.
[04/06/12 00:44] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Before them he sang his songs and told his tales, and when he was finished the Dwarf King said, "You are skilled, Bragi. I feel I must give you something in return. What would you ask of us?"
[04/06/12 00:44] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Without hesitation he replied, "Make me a weapon."
[04/06/12 00:44] [b]joshdragon:[/b]So the dwarves produced for him a harp. It was framed with gold, the strings of the finest material, and the song it played was unlike any other.
[04/06/12 00:45] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Bragi was unhappy but forced himself to think of what great songs the harp could play rather than destruction, and thanking the dwarves for their gift he returned to Asgard.
[04/06/12 00:45] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Each day after the battle, he sang the songs and told the tales, and they were so fine that for a year and a day the hall of Valhalla was quiet.
[04/06/12 00:45] [b]joshdragon:[/b]And the hall of Valhalla is rarely quiet.
[04/06/12 00:46] [b]joshdragon:[/b]But once again, he heard the whispers.
[04/06/12 00:46] [b]joshdragon:[/b]So he went to the elves, and before them he sang the songs and told the tales, and then their king approached him.
[04/06/12 00:47] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Speaking quietly so as not to interrupt the feasting, he said, "Your skill merits a reward. What would you ask?"
[04/06/12 00:47] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Bragi replied, "Make me a weapon."
[04/06/12 00:48] [b]joshdragon:[/b]The elves crafted for him a staff, and through Bragi was dissatisfied he admired the worksmanship. Before leaving he told one last tale to the elves, and as he leaned upon the staff he felt as though
[04/06/12 00:48] [b]joshdragon:[/b]he somehow was telling that story better than he ever had before.
[04/06/12 00:48] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Thanking the elves for their generous gift, he went back to Asgard.
[04/06/12 00:49] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Each day after the battle, he sang the songs and told the tales, and for a year and a day the hall of valhalla was quiet.
[04/06/12 00:49] [b]joshdragon:[/b]And the hall of Valhalla is rarely quiet.
[04/06/12 00:49] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Yet again, he heard the whispers in the back of the hall.
[04/06/12 00:49] [b]joshdragon:[/b]So desperate was Bragi for a weapon worthy of Ragnarok that he went to Jotunheim, to the giants, the very foes he was bound to face.
[04/06/12 00:50] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Before them he sang his songs and told his tales, and when he was finished the giants said to him, "You deserve some token of our appreciation."
[04/06/12 00:50] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Immediately Bragi shouted, "Make me a weapon!"
[04/06/12 00:50] [b]joshdragon:[/b]The giants' leader looked at him sideways. "Well, I... we.... NO!"
[04/06/12 00:50] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Bragi was about to turn away in defeat, but then a voice spoke. "I have a weapon for you, Bragi."
[04/06/12 00:51] [b]joshdragon:[/b]A wizened giant bearing a great sword appeared before him. "I will give this to you. Nothing can stand against it. But you must swear one small oath."
[04/06/12 00:51] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Bragi was curious. He wanted the sword, but he wasn't sure what the giant would ask for. "What is that oath?
[04/06/12 00:51] [b]joshdragon:[/b]The giant held the sword out and said, "That you strike with it nothing that breathes!"
[04/06/12 00:52] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Bragi immediately spoke. "I so swear!"
[04/06/12 00:52] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Thanking the giants he returned to Asgard.
[04/06/12 00:52] [b]joshdragon:[/b]And it is said that on the day of Ragnarok, Loki and the giants will carve from the mountain a creature of rock and dirt.
[04/06/12 00:52] [b]joshdragon:[/b]The mightiest of the gods will fail to destroy it.
[04/06/12 00:53] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Yet, looking upon it and only wanting to make a good account of himself, Bragi will realize that this monstrous creature does not breathe.
[04/06/12 00:53] [b]joshdragon:[/b]A mighty battle cry will resound throughout Asgard, and the greatest sword ever made will be drawn from its scabbard,
[04/06/12 00:53] [b]joshdragon:[/b]and the first and greatest blow of Ragnarok will be struck by a Skald!
[04/06/12 00:54] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]joshdragon bows[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:54] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]apophys applauds[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:54] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar thinking and claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:54] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Sunfire claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:54] [b]Lone Wolf:[/b]I was hoping he'd get backhand slapped by the giants..
[04/06/12 00:55] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Innocence smiles and claps.[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:55] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:55] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley applauds[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:55] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Valldore Nal applauds[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 00:55] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I wondered too, whether the giants would actually not even fight in the end.
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]if i may ask, what is a Skald of the Gods ?
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]apophys:[/b]I was hoping he'd rade it for something that didn't come with an oath attached. :P
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]apophys:[/b]*trade
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]Awiiya:[/b]The power of the artist!
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]joshdragon:[/b]A Skald is a bard.
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Except more norse.
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It's a fictional character, Valldore.
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A story.
[04/06/12 00:56] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]i didn't know what skald means :P
[04/06/12 00:57] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]and translation gave me skald as answer :P [/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:57] [b]Fenrar:[/b]I thought Bragi will die, and Valhalla remains quiet.
[04/06/12 00:57] [b]apophys:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]looking up bragi on wikipedia was more fruitful for me. :P[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:58] [b]Sunfire:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]awi pm[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:58] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]tried that, but the article was a bit big, so i will check it later :P [/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:58] [b]Awiiya:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] Does anybody else have something to share? Or shall we just talk? Or should I produce? Or does Innocence have something imagined?
[04/06/12 00:58] [b]Awiiya:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]I saw, just saving it[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:59] [b]Sunfire:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]k[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:59] [b]joshdragon:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]I'll be right back, getting some water[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 00:59] [b]Fenrar:[/b]...hmm.
[04/06/12 00:59] [b]Innocence:[/b]I suppose I could share... as long as someone gets me off this hook I'm on.
[04/06/12 00:59] [b]Innocence:[/b]...I don't know how I got up here...
[04/06/12 00:59] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]thanks Emerald[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:00] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya sighs[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:00] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya removes Innocence from the hook[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:00] [b]Innocence:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles widely.[/i]*[/color] Thank you!
[04/06/12 01:01] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley giggles shaking her head[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:01] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Valldore Nal wonders where did that hook came off in the first place[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:01] [b]Innocence:[/b]Anyway, I suppose I'm ready to share if others are ready to hear.
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]Innocence:[/b]Or listen. Either way, I suppose.
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]"came from" may be better though :P [/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley smiles softly nodding[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]apophys listens intently[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar nods[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I am ready
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]Innocence:[/b]Okay... so... once upon a time, in a land without a name... someone grew up...
[04/06/12 01:02] [b]Innocence:[/b]I'll call them Someone.
[04/06/12 01:03] [b]Innocence:[/b]Anyway, in a neighboring, also nameless land, someone else came to power and was not nice.
[04/06/12 01:03] [b]Innocence:[/b]In fact, Someone Else--which is the name I'm choosing now--was actually quite mean.
[04/06/12 01:03] [b]Innocence:[/b]And, you know, did mean things... like... there was fire... and some water... and, you know... he did mean things with them.
[04/06/12 01:04] [b]Innocence:[/b]You know, to, like, people and some animals and stuff. Maybe a couple of homes, too.
[04/06/12 01:04] [b]Innocence:[/b]Anyway, Someone heard about this and was all,
[04/06/12 01:04] [b]Innocence:[/b]"Yeah, no, I can't let this happen and I'm going to do something about it."
[04/06/12 01:04] [b]Innocence:[/b]And so Someone left on a quest to help the neighboring area place thing.
[04/06/12 01:05] [b]Innocence:[/b]Someone met Some Random Other and Funny Named One on the way, too.
[04/06/12 01:05] [b]Innocence:[/b]And together, they all tried to stop Someone Else from doing all the mean things Someone Else liked to do. You know, because they were hero types... or something.
[04/06/12 01:06] [b]Innocence:[/b]Anyway, I don't want to ruin the ending for you, but there was a lot of action and excitement, mystery and love.
[04/06/12 01:06] [b]Innocence:[/b]Oh, and not to give anything away... [color="#305681"]*[i]looks around and lowers voice,[/i]*[/color] ...one of these characters dies.
[04/06/12 01:07] [b]Innocence:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]holds a finger up to lips and Shhs.[/i]*[/color] But you didn't hear that from me.
[04/06/12 01:07] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Innocence smiles and sits down.[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:08] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:08] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya laughs[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:08] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A funny retelling of the heroic epic.
[04/06/12 01:08] [b]apophys:[/b]O.o [color="#305681"]*[i]slowclap[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 01:08] [b]Innocence:[/b]That was, like, totally made up on the spot. You know, where I was standing. Totally original.
[04/06/12 01:09] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar claps[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Innocence:[/b]Are there more stories?
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya laughs[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I guess that's what we should expect from someone on the hook.
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I could tell some history if anyone has questions about an age in MD.
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Kiley:[/b]I once had a pony.. [color="#305681"]*[i]grins[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I'm sure Innocence et cetera would help
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Innocence:[/b]...yeah, well, I don't even know where that hook came from. What was up with that?
[04/06/12 01:10] [b]Kiley:[/b]Who could top that?
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So there I was
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Sorry. I keep it around just in case.
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Innocence:[/b]Just in case of Innocence?
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Kiley:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods at Awiiya[/i]*[/color] Everywhere there ya
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Falronn:[/b]What about the age of mp2s?
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Kiley:[/b]Everywhere ya go there ya are.
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Kiley:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]oops..fingers moving too fast again[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:11] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Oh mp2s.
[04/06/12 01:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Well first there was the era of experimentation with mp2s.
[04/06/12 01:12] [b]Innocence:[/b]...empeetoos?
[04/06/12 01:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]You know. Mind Powers. Too.
[04/06/12 01:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But - we were all summoned to GG and given access to a whole slew of spells.
[04/06/12 01:12] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And illusions.
[04/06/12 01:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It was "testing."
[04/06/12 01:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Never have I been turned into a toad so many times
[04/06/12 01:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And - bizarre rituals, and colors all around.
[04/06/12 01:13] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]apophys chuckles[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Red, green, blue, purple, explosions of magic and dark soldiers wandering.
[04/06/12 01:13] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Mur, roaming, somewhat. Watching over.
[04/06/12 01:14] [b]Awiiya:[/b]So much toad speak! Ribbits, and nearly like a magician pulling a rabbit out, that's what it was like.
[04/06/12 01:14] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Lots of cheesy smiles and greased back hair. Suites, Peace was there, I remember, and we fought with imaginary creatures, that were not ours.
[04/06/12 01:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Stuck on the island though. The gates had been closed prior, and we wandered from Beach to Fort to Mount.
[04/06/12 01:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Cannon, Pillar, Lair. All dodging each other's spells.
[04/06/12 01:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And heating up to defend.
[04/06/12 01:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A bizarre time - you could forget easily who was who, and shapes blurred.
[04/06/12 01:15] [b]Awiiya:[/b]My name, I lost. My self, barely remembered.
[04/06/12 01:16] [b]Awiiya:[/b]In the end, sent back to the main land, unmagiced, but still with warts between our fingers and hiccuping. Hungover with magic.
[04/06/12 01:16] [b]Awiiya:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]laughs[/i]*[/color] I have noticed that my style of speaking has become bizarre as of late.
[04/06/12 01:16] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Or really, for a while.
[04/06/12 01:16] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I'm amazed you all follow. It's rather impressionistic.
[04/06/12 01:17] [b]Falronn:[/b]How many people would you say were there at the time? When you were there?
[04/06/12 01:17] [b]Innocence:[/b]Very random-esque.
[04/06/12 01:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Ah, maybe 20 or 30. Maybe more.
[04/06/12 01:17] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I was there for... a few days to a week. Sometime between that.
[04/06/12 01:17] [b]apophys:[/b]I remember being a frog for week myself. :)
[04/06/12 01:18] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It was fun. And then mp2 became established for all new players
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]Falronn:[/b]Aye. Thanks. I'm going to head over to the pub and see if I can find a drink.
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]Falronn:[/b]Have fun with story night, all of you.
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]there aren't any mp2 nowdays ?
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar waves[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Valldore Nal waves to Falronn[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]Kiley:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]stares at Awi her eyes wide[/i]*[/color] And then all MP2????
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]joshdragon:[/b]Bye Falronn.
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]Innocence:[/b]I believe there are some that sleep now.
[04/06/12 01:20] [b]apophys:[/b]There are the aramors in Golemus.
[04/06/12 01:21] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya waves[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:21] [b]Kiley:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks over at apohys with a grin[/i]*[/color] Yes there are.
[04/06/12 01:21] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And a few others. Peace was one for a while.
[04/06/12 01:21] [b]Kiley:[/b]I suppose?
[04/06/12 01:21] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]i've met those on my travel at GG
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But yes, there was a time when all new players were mp2
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]apophys:[/b]I wonder what happened to Abra...
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Me too.
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Still around, I suspect.
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]Kiley:[/b]ahh around indeed.
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]and how come you are an mp1 now ?
[04/06/12 01:22] [b]apophys:[/b]I saw him when I passed by, but he didn't respond.
[04/06/12 01:23] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]you are the only one i've seen at mp1 , and MoC at mp8, but i guess that's the power of the clown :)
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Well...
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]A good question.
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And one I'll leave unanswered.
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]It's just a different stage of the game
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And I am one of few to have reached it.
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Or degraded to it, as the case may be.
[04/06/12 01:25] [b]apophys:[/b]I remember an mp1; his name was Schizophrenium. But that was probably a glitch or a test of some kind.
[04/06/12 01:26] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Ah yes, and Knator Commander. Though we use the mp1 slightly different
[04/06/12 01:26] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I am considering forming an alliance. What do you all think of that?
[04/06/12 01:26] [b]apophys:[/b]Interesting.
[04/06/12 01:27] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Kiley laughs as she stands and wanders off[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:27] [b]apophys:[/b]Elaborate, please.
[04/06/12 01:27] [b]Kiley:[/b]Take care. Long days and dreamy nights.
[04/06/12 01:27] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]apophys waves to Kiley[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:28] [b]Yoshi:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] Cya Kiley.
[04/06/12 01:28] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar bows[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:28] [b]Innocence:[/b]Oh, hello, Yoshi!
[04/06/12 01:29] [b]Yoshi:[/b]'ello Inno :)
[04/06/12 01:29] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Well - it'd be a decentralized alliance in which each person has a task.
[04/06/12 01:29] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I'd be the leader - it'd be known as the seeders group. Planting seeds, nurturing the tree, and then reaping the fruit. That's the metaphor.
[04/06/12 01:30] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But really a lot of alliances don't have set goals or ideas in mind. And the leader is often times not very helpful.
[04/06/12 01:30] [b]Innocence:[/b]What's the meta for?
[04/06/12 01:30] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I intend for it to be very precise and intentional. And full of discussion.
[04/06/12 01:30] [b]Awiiya:[/b]The metaphor is for what type of work the alliance would do.
[04/06/12 01:30] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Each member of the alliance would need to have a "seed project" - which could either be chosen or assigned. Most likely a combination.
[04/06/12 01:31] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And other things, too.
[04/06/12 01:31] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But I will keep those a secret for now.
[04/06/12 01:31] [b]:[/b][color="#999999"][i]*BFH Lightning* failed to cast a spell[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:31] [b]:[/b][color="#999999"][i]*BFH Lightning* failed to cast a spell[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:32] [b]:[/b][color="#999999"][i]*BFH Lightning* failed to cast a spell[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:32] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]%^&*
[04/06/12 01:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]joshdragon arches an eyebrow[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:32] [b]Innocence:[/b]...what is BFH trying to do?
[04/06/12 01:32] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Valldore Nal thinks BFH is loosing his touch[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:33] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]to fail casting spells i would assume [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 01:34] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]*BFH Lightning* hates HC[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:34] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]by the way, i happen to look for the biggest fountain in the realm. Anyone might point me to the right direction ?
[04/06/12 01:34] [b]Yoshi:[/b]I think I've been away far too long, I forget how to even cast spells... [color="#305681"]*[i]chuckles[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 01:35] [b]apophys:[/b]Biggest one is probably in the MDA garden.
[04/06/12 01:35] [b]Yoshi:[/b]Biggest impact on the realm, or size?
[04/06/12 01:35] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]MDA
[04/06/12 01:35] [b]Awiiya:[/b]North, I think.
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]the only lands i haven't travel yet is Necrovion and Land of the East, and my assumption was indeed the MDA one
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]:[/b][color="#FF9900"][b][Spell][/b] [i]KBOOM![/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]FINALLY
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]joshdragon:[/b]So THAT's what he was trying to do...
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]but i was wondering if there is one there that i wouldn't know
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]maybe
[04/06/12 01:36] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]maybe not
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]and what excactly did he do ?
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]maybe there are new lands
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]maybe not
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]apophys:[/b]Acoustic remains
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]maybe....
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]apophys:[/b]i.e. pulled the chat log.
[04/06/12 01:37] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]i guess all is possible to happen
[04/06/12 01:38] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]Awii should know more than me :)
[04/06/12 01:38] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Hmm?
[04/06/12 01:38] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]about md i mean
[04/06/12 01:38] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Know about what?
[04/06/12 01:38] [b]Awiiya:[/b]MDA or MD?
[04/06/12 01:39] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]MD :P
[04/06/12 01:39] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]my curiocity was intrigued tbh. If i ask why you used the word degraded describing your current state, will i get an answer ? :)
[04/06/12 01:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Well, I know a thing or two.
[04/06/12 01:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Oh yes - you would.
[04/06/12 01:39] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Are you asking?
[04/06/12 01:39] [b]joshdragon:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]stands up[/i]*[/color] I must be leaving now.
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]Awiiya:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]waves[/i]*[/color] Goodbye joshdrago
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]apophys:[/b]Bye josh.
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington nods to all[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Yeah, i don't believe in the "curiocity killed the cat" think ([color="#888888"][i]and i am not a cat[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]BB josh
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Fenrar bows[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]asking about a fouctain bigger than MDA ([color="#888888"][i]you had been here more time, probably had seen much more than me[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]So why did you use the word degraded to describe your current state Awiiya ?
[04/06/12 01:40] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]have*
[04/06/12 01:41] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Well
[04/06/12 01:41] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I have no creatures
[04/06/12 01:41] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I have no heat
[04/06/12 01:41] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I cannot use my spells
[04/06/12 01:41] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I cannot join an alliance.
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]sorry for spelling now trying to multitask[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I cannot fight.
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I have no gold or silver
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]you have no heat?
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]Awiiya:[/b]No heat - none.
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]hmmm... that can be fixed
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Lone Wolf passed Silver coin to Awiiya[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]You have knowledge.
[04/06/12 01:42] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]by the higher power
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]apophys:[/b]Does being mp1 force you not to have creatures, or could you take them by CTC?
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]Awiiya:[/b]That I do have.
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]And some sort of thingy-muh-what that makes bubbles.
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I can take them by CTC, apophys. It's a choice.
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Ah, yes, and how are you MP1?
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]:[/b][color="#FF9900"][b][Spell][/b] [i]Bulbasaur, use Bind - Pipstickz[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:43] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Awiiya passed Silver coin to Valldore Nal[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:44] [b]Awiiya:[/b]When I transformed into a tree, [color="#990000"]Mur[/color] declared me so. And so now I am, forever, or until I change it by will.
[04/06/12 01:44] [b]apophys:[/b]Bulbasaur doesn't learn Bind....
[04/06/12 01:44] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]we need to get you heat!
[04/06/12 01:44] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Hmm, curious.
[04/06/12 01:44] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]:D
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Do you want to change from a tree ?
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Awiiya:[/b]No, I do not
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Do you have a reason to do so ?
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Awiiya:[/b]But I am degraded in the sense that I was an mp5, and am now an mp1. I have reversed, I have been planted, seeded.
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]apophys:[/b]Do you want a remains to grow it into a tree? ... :P
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I was a man, and then I was a seed.
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Awiiya:[/b]And that is what I am. A seed.
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya laughs[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:45] [b]Awiiya:[/b]No thanks.
[04/06/12 01:46] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]:o Mirror-land!
[04/06/12 01:46] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Is there a spell that mirrors someone's words?
[04/06/12 01:46] [b]Awiiya:[/b]No, but there should be.
[04/06/12 01:46] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]nahh they can be somehow...
[04/06/12 01:46] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]?siht ekil
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Sometimes [color="#990000"]Mur[/color] becomes a mirror.
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Except more like a mirror.
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]We could try plant another tree for you to have company if you'd like :)
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Hmm. I'd enjoy that spell - could come in handy.
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]Awiiya:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]laughs[/i]*[/color] There is another tree
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]Awiiya:[/b]The Oak.
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Awiiya opens up the oak story log[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington points to the sapling[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Planted by yours truly.
[04/06/12 01:47] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]apophys points to the oak seedling on the ground[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:48] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]The Keeper of Seeds protected you Awwi?
[04/06/12 01:48] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]just curious
[04/06/12 01:48] [b]Fenrar:[/b]Thank you for the nice time, see you around... and thanks for the help to get in. [color="#305681"]*[i]bows[/i]*[/color]
[04/06/12 01:48] [b]apophys:[/b]Bye fen.
[04/06/12 01:49] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]nods[/i]*[/color] Farewell
[04/06/12 01:49] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Goodbye Fenrar
[04/06/12 01:49] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Who is the Keeper of the Seeds?
[04/06/12 01:49] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Akasha? Or Kets?
[04/06/12 01:49] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Goodbye Fenrar.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]Kets?
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Innocence:[/b]That was Kats.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]she is no?
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Innocence:[/b]I can't believe you forgot, Spike.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Innocence:[/b]Tsk, tsk.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Right right. Yes - she keeps care of me. Though I have not seen her in months.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Oh Inno, I pay little attention to tags.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Kets is more than a title to me.
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I barely remember mine
[04/06/12 01:50] [b]Awiiya:[/b]I wish she would visit again.
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Innocence:[/b]...she's not a mattress...
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Hey guys!
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Innocence:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles.[/i]*[/color] Hello, Ziggy!
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Innocence:[/b]You missed some amazing stories!
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Aww, a sanctuary. :(
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Innocence:[/b]Mine was totally the best.
[04/06/12 01:51] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Hello Seig. How did the creat training went ?
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]Anyone want to play the Oldest Game or the 3-Word-Story game?
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]Innocence:[/b]...what's the oldest game?
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]apophys:[/b]What is the Oldest GAme?
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]i shall remove the triggers now
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Yes it is!
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]:o
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Thank you BFH.
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]I'll send you the log awii
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]De Mimsy Porpington:[/b]I'm no good at explaining things.
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]Awiiya:[/b]Could you post it in the forum topic BFH?
[04/06/12 01:52] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Hey... person... I still have a lot more to do...
[04/06/12 01:53] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]De Mimsy Porpington nudges Awi[/i][/color]
[04/06/12 01:53] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]I have read about the rules of the Oldest game, but i would love to see someone plays it ([color="#888888"][i]not really sure if i could participate yet[/i][/color])
[04/06/12 01:53] [b]:[/b][color="#FF9900"][b][Spell][/b] [i]KBOOM![/i][/color]

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1338855515' post='113404']

Thank you guys so much! I hope you all had fun. : D Thanks, BFH and Awii for your help!

No problem dear :)

For next time I'll hopefully be able to open a jump link for more to be able to join :)

Keep up the good work !

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