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In similar fashion to my topic for herbs in the Tribunal, I've put together a list of acceptable harvesting limits, so that they will regenerate full, for locations with water. Please correct me if I've done some funky math or let me know if I'm missing any locations.

Marind's Roundabout: 5/8
Willow's Walk: 5/10
Angien's Ferry: 5/10
Angien's Shrine: 30/30*

Grassy Roads: 5/10
Wasp's Totem: 13/20
Oak Fort: 5/10

Well of tears: 3/5

Fountain of Dark Vibrations: 3/5

Storm Coast: 5/10

Power's Ascent: 10/15
Wraith's Wreck: 13/20
Ivory Lighthouse: 13/20
Fenth Beach: 13/20
Golem's Mill: 40/60

*I have heard that it is the wish of some Marind Bell citizens that if you ever find yourself at the Shrine, you do not harvest its water. I do not know their reasoning (though I could easily guess), but I respect their request.

Note: 5/10 will not regen to full, but will refill the same amount as 7/10 anyways. I had not realized this.

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i would like to clarify few important points concerning the list/table created at post #1:

- the Water Dowsers guild and the Marind Bell citizens are strictly following and observing above harvesting limits, even before this list was made. these scenes consist of Angien's Ferry, Angien's Shrine, Marind's Roundabout and Willow's Walk.

- listed non-Marind Bell locations with water sources [b]serve only as ideal harvesting limits[/b], in short: unofficial, as we do not actually have any permissions to control other lands's resources.

for your references.

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