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Cyclicity Art Quest Results

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Cyclicity contest scores
With the long wait finally over, I am ready to announce the scores for the cyclicity art contest. During my time of debating with the judges about the scores, and because of the fact that we were judging not just story but artwork, and with the loss of the Eclipse holding as a major distraction from finally finishing this, and.. with my real life suddenly becoming rather busy:
It took quite awhile to actually find time to type this post. But with my schedule settling down ever so slightly, I am able to grant rewards to those who entered.
Because the contest was about the subject of Cyclicity, I have decided to base the scores on the original purpose of the contest.
All commentary regarding the stories and artwork will be sent to those who applied themselves to the contest via forum PM.
With the subject of Cyclicity applied the scores are as follows:

Rumi: 9. 28
Ivorak: 8.35
Arkken: 7.15
ZenTao: 6.82
Chengmingz: 5.23
Sky Army: 3.09

Scores were based on creativity, artwork, and the subject of cyclicity.

The judges were:
Marvolo - Who judged the artwork portion of the contest along side myself, and sent his final scores shortly before his departure from the realm.
Innocence - Who judged the writing portion and aided me in the decision of the final scores.
Tarquinus - Who judged the writing portion along side Innocence.

I will find the winners in game so they may receive their prizes. All contestants will be sent a sent a critique via forum PM regarding the writing portion, typed in kind by Innocence and Marvolo.
All contestants should have received their preliminary prizes for entering the contest, if any of you did not, please find me in game.

Prizes will be posted shortly and given out in game.

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