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Maebius Madness - (monthly mini-quest #1)


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The hidden orb at the Gazebo of Equalibrium has been updated with a mini quest of mine!
(No password needed)

From the Dark of moon to Brightness of the night, this will be active.
(14 days, until the full moon @ Aug 31st for this first month)

Details are in the clickie.

(also, if you can't submit your entries in the form fields for some odd browser/clourflare/captcha reason, please just PM them to me on the forum or in-game)

All entries will be posted after, and a voting poll will be used to vote for them as the moon wanes.
Winners will receive various small prizes like Silver Coins, Enchanted Stones, Heat-infused Creatures, or other small requests winners may have.

Another mini-quest will go active on next New Moon. :D

(Picture below for the clickie location)

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okay, first off, the monthly quests are a WONDERFUL idea... I'd give it two thumbs up...
and just for fun (though this isn't my submition) :

The Mur : Sometimes Unhappy Never Lame Infinitely Genuine & Heretically Talented...

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Last chance, the quest will automatically stop recording entries on the 31st, as the reflected Sunlight reaches it's peak.
Prizes include a gold Coin, a few Silver, and a Heated creature or two.

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