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What are those things?

John Constantine

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Yesterday I gained MP4. And then I saw these strange yellow circle and two smaller circles above. When I clicked on them, they were rotating and a number emerged inside. Can you tell me what is that?

[attachment=4199:MD 2.jpg]

2. My two grassans advanced on 3rd level. I can choose a name for them. If I name them properly they can gain some special features. Can you give me some clues how to call them or where can I find guidance about that?

Thank you

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See this thread for details: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12273-a-breakdown-of-the-interface/

Those are Heat Erolins. welcome to MP4! :)

As for the Grasans, search through all the Announcements for "grasan". Here's one example.
[quote]Ann. 2089 - [2011-11-15 07:46:14 - Stage 11]
The Farting Grasan produces Toxic gas
A farting grasan (thx Mya) will fart excessively. These ..products..of his ability *cough* can be collected for later use, whatever those uses might be. Toxic gas together with toxic herbs and other similar things to come, will be usable as primary source to extract deadly poisons or power up items with effects such as paralyze or intoxicate.[/quote]

There are a few different names you can give them, for varied results.

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