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[color="#cccccc"]Ann. 2419 - [2012-11-06 22:39:34 - Stage 11][/color]
In light of recent, and not so recent, events we decided to make something clear - no current position, role based or otherwise, is above death and we shall not be making it otherwise unless this drastically changes.


I hope I am just being paranoid in regards my effort to balance the tactical "death" events that are occuring with increasingly greater frequency and annoyance to those involved.

I presume this is a reference to the "death" of a game role - organization - such as the Kings, drachlair guardians, rpc's, treasure keepers, existence of certain alliances, and so forth.

Anybody have a different read on this?

Oh, I see now what happened to Fang.... (TK's)


This clarifies the announcement a lot - and makes my work more urgent.

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