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Customized Drawings

The 7th Scroll

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[center]I'm offering a customized drawing service for those who want a high-quality avatars/custom drawings.[/center]

[center]* * *

Price depends on quality, size and quantity of the drawings,[b][color=#006400][i]takes 3-5 days to finish[/i][/color][/b].
Avatar confirmation time by the Avatar Administrators are indefinite.

[i][u]I accept [color=#b22222][b]Credits[/b][/color] and [b][color=#daa520]Gold Coins[/color] [/b]only[/u][/i]

[b][color=#b22222]Credits [/color][/b]starting from $10
[b][color=#daa520]Gold Coins[/color][/b] starting from 2 Gold Coins

* * *[/center]
EDIT: [i][color=#008000]Gold Coin price increased. [/color][/i][/center]
[center][i][color=#008000]This is the regular Gold price. First to 5 avatars sale promo were already taken.[/color][/i][/center]

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