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Time to heat up xmas!


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With the holiday seasons the realm has grown rather cold lately. In an attempt to correct this, Ive solidified heat and spread it throughout the realm. In the four mainlands, No Mans Land, and the MDA, Ive hidden heat stones in strategic locations (inside clickies, retrievable by ITC). There are 19 in total.

There is a catch though: In each of these lands, there is a single stone of which can only be claimed by a member of that land. This leaves 14 (13 free plus one for your land) retrievable by anyone.

In order to win you must gather a majority of the heat stones. 10 or more for first prize, and the collector with the second and third most heat stones will win second and third place.

Prizes are as follows:

First place- A wishpoint

Second place- A soulweaver
Third place- An aged angien


While collecting, be careful not to use the heat stones or you will not be able to turn them in to me. When someone collects 10 turn them into me for the wishpoint. If nobody is able to collect 10 by the end of the Xmas festival second and third prizes will be given to the top two collectors of the heat stones.

[U]The quest will begin at December 21st, 00:00 server time.[/u]

Clues to retrieving the heat stones will be posted here at that time. If you have questions you may ask here.

(Thanks to fellow Fusioneer Gort Hedera who provided the coding and other aspects to make this quest possible)

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I like this idea! Maybe it could turn into a hunt of scavenger hunt of sorts to help end viscosity! Or is that part of the intention?

I'm not entirely sure how much would be removed by those with citizenship in their own land.

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The quest has started! In order to find the heat stones, there are clues for you to follow. These clues reference a certain scene name within the four mainlands, No Mans Land, and the MDA. These scene names are the passwords for the clickies that the heat stones will be hidden in.

Example: Berserker's Way

Although, for any scene names with punctuation in them (such as periods . or apostrophes '), you must remove the punctuation. For the above example it would look like:

Berserkers Way

The scene names the clues reference will allow you to open the clickie in question, but, you will need to find the clickie for yourself. You will get no indication of where the clickie is and what password it goes to.

As a slight hint.. There is a pattern to which scene names go to which land. Heheh...


Clues are as follows:

Creature - Bee - Sacrifice - Portal - Arrow - Carnival - Star - Castle - House - Garden -Puzzle - Capitol - Bird - Pyramid - Tree - Book - Curse - Time - Boat

Good luck!


Side note, the IDs for the heat stones are as follows. If the stone is not one of these IDs its not one of mine. They cannot be redeemed for the reward otherwise.

41909, 41910, 41911, 41912, 41913, 41915, 41927, 41929, 41932, 41933, 41934, 41937, 41938, 41939, 41940, 41946, 41969, 42847, 42849

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No. Sorry, edited that into my above post.

Hint: (most) scene names do not correspond to the land the scene name is of.

Err.... kind of, strike that last bit. I'm getting ahead of myself. There's a hint for you anyways.

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Heh.. thanks Maebius, though the quest is mostly over now. Congrats to ignnus who gathered 10 to win the wishpoint. And to darkraptor who has won second place for the soulweaver.

Id like to close this topic now and end the quest. Apologies to those of you that found the quest hard/frustrating.


Although, there are still four heat stones hidden out there, if you can manage to find them (perhaps before the code gets taken down) you are welcome to keep them.

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