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Beware Scam: I need your password to give you credits


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I have recently heard of the latest massive scam that is going around MD.

According to some people you need to give them your password before they can give you credits. This is a complete lie.

When you buy credits, you can detail which player account you would like to get them. The payment information will not be sent to the player you will be buying the credits for, and the only difference is that they get the credits instead of you.

Do not trust someone if they tell you they HAVE to have your account password to give you credits. Report them.

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1356777874' post='129177']
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Who did that?

Giving someone's password is insane...[/color][/font]

The point of the post is to inform and not blame those attempting to scam others.

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and this comes down to the main thing:

Do NOT EVER give out your password, on md, on anywhere (specially on account o so many people using the same password on multiple places)

No programmer ever will build a system where another person needs your password. A good one will even make sure that he himself cannot even see your password. So not even an illegal database entry will easily reveal this.

This is done to keep YOUR password safe. So do NOT EVER give out your password :)

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Also, make a separate password for games sites. If possible one for each gaming site. You never know what's behind them.
And if you think you have too many passwords, there's a small program called KeePass that can store all your passwords and usernames. And that program can only be accessed with a master password :P.

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