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[center][s]Avatar Auction[/s][/center]

[center][s]I'm putting this avatar on bid, it will be open until Friday at 00:00 server time[/s][/center]

[center][s]There is no minimum bid.[/s][/center]
[center][s]If there are no takers then I'll just use it for another purpose.[/s][/center]

[center][s]EDIT: bids can be posted here or sent via PM's[/s][/center]

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[color=#000000]Update:[/color][b][color=#ff0000] This avatar will no longer be available due to technical issues.[/color][/b]

[s]However, the bidding will still continue until 00:00 server time today. To compensate for the loss, I will do a very fine quality of an avy of the winner's choosing. It will be available for preview 4 hours after the bidding has ended, should the bidders notify me to continue or cancel this offer.

I will be waiting until 23:00 server time for the response by posting here or via forum PM. If I don't hear anything then I will just cancel it.

I apologize for the disappointment.[/s]

[color=#ff0000][b]EDIT : [/b][/color][color=#b22222]I've decided to do each of the bidders an avatar of their choosing for the price they have offered, if they are interested that is. Just PM me the complete details of the avatar you want me to make and I will work on it asap. And again, I apologize for the disappointment.[/color]

[color=#000000]This thread can be closed now.[/color]

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