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A summons: the Eclipse


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Greetings, one and all. I return from a long period of inactivity, but others have carried the flame in my absence. I now wish to muster those who still call themselves Children of the Eclipse.

This is the roster of current, active members, to the best of my knowledge:[list]
[*]Amoran K Kol
[*]Phantom Orchid
[*]Darry Dabby
*affiliation uncertain
**possibly semi-active

If you consider yourself a member of the Eclipse and do not see your name on this roster, contact me via PM.

[center][b][size=5]Darkness Gathers[/size][/b][/center]
In the past we have held ceremonies honoring the goddess of the Moon. While we intend to continue honoring the Great Goddess, tripartite goddess, and so on, the priesthood tells me we must summon the darkness within ourselves - the worst thoughts, feelings, and memories. Nothing will be done except by the bloodiest blows. In recognition of this fact, we will hold a ceremony (also called a "Red" service) at Maple Road, 06:00 Day 34 server time. All are welcome to come, fight, bleed, and share in the offering of our pain to the hopeful light in the darkness.

There may be other convocations or "services" at later dates to be determined.

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[center][size=5][b]The Darkness Service, revisited[/b][/size][/center]

The priesthood informs me that a service will be performed with a new sermon on darkness. The service will take place on Day 59, Friday 1 March. Service times (Server Time):


The service will be more or less the same at each time period, and is being held thrice to suit the varying schedules of MD players globally. As before, this will be a [color=#ff0000][b]red service[/b][/color] at which combat is not only tolerated but encouraged, and will take place at the Maple Road just outside Loreroot. We hope to see you there.

[i]Edit: Log(s) will be provided and posted for the benefit of those who cannot attend.[/i]

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