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Resource depletion or prevention: Who puts in the most effort?



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Who has put more effort into their 'cause', the 'depleters' or the 'anti-depleters'? By effort I mean anything that is related to either depletion, or the fight against depletion. Roleplaying, of course, is just as a legitimate effort as coded actions are.

Depletion is the status quo, and for that to change I believe that those against depleters need to put in more effort than the depleters. If both sides put in an equal amount of effort, then why should the anti-depleters, those who are trying to change the current system, be rewarded over the depleters? Likewise, if the anti-depleters put in less effort than the depleters, why should they get their way?

I'd like it if each person posted their reasons for their vote. I'm currently undecided. Hopefully, this will be informative.

Edit: And please be honest. I can't force you to, but if you're a member of one group but you think the other group has put in more effort, please vote that way. Posting your reasons will help to legitimatize your vote.

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By effort I mean any effort, whether fruitful or not. Depletion may or may not be easy. What I'm asking is if those depleting have put in more effort, a similar amount of effort, or less effort, as a whole, than those working to prevent depletion.

Yes, it's hard to do something continuously that doesn't have immediate results. Thus, the 'anti-depleters' are at a disadvantage here. However, that's irrelevant in determining which group has done the most effort. Note, I say 'effort' not results. If, for instance, the anti-depleters did a series of 'news' articles on how depletion hurts the land, that would involve quite a lot of effort. It may not hinder depletion in any way shape or form, but it's effort. It could be that the anti-depleters have put in more effort than the depleters already. If that's determined to be the case, then I agree that game mechanics should change to reflect this.

I'd like it if people posted what they've seen done, or done themselves for/against depletion. So, if you vote that anti-depleters have put in more effort, then post 'because they have done this and this while the depleters have only done this', and vice versa. Also ideally you'd post why you think certain activities involve a lot, or little effort.

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It doesn't really matter which group is putting more effort into their cause, though, does it? What matters is the effect on collective attention.

Depleting resources in an area reduces stable attention to resources in that area by harvesters and depleters for a period of at least three days, replacing it with the unstable attention of counter-depleters.

Like how when all of your creatures are dead and your vitality is negative, you tend to forget about combat for a while.

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