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Add Heat and Heat Storage to a mini tutorial once pvp is available

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I think it would be a good idea to have a mini-tutorial inserted as an optional tutorial right when pvp becomes available. It would also be nice to maybe at least mention the Wind Sanctuary during the same tutorial and possibly the creature and item shops in the area.

Heat though is something that I didn't gather enough from the tips until I had some second stage heritic archers to have any clue how to store. I caught what it was before that but didn't understand storing it.

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This is a really, really old topic but there was no reply, and I think it deserves one.

I think a mini-tutorial would be good. Important information about game mechanics is scattered in easy to miss areas. Or is missing. Heat is one of the key features of the combat system but there's nothing about it ingame. You have to ask an older player, search the forums or observe for yourself to understand what it does and how to use it.

A lot of players quit because the innovative concepts of MagicDuel are hard to grasp without help. Some ask, but others don't want to bother having to search for it. I think we lose a lot of potential players who would contribute because of the unnecessary frustrations, and an official FAQ (not the really small one you can access if you can click the LHO button) or some sort of combat tutorial would help.

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I agree....

I know when I was new I didnt want to ask.... "why?" you may ask?

Because every previous game I have ever played I got yelled at.... "Go read the forums", or "you stewpid n00b", "What a dumb question", etc....

I know "WE" as a community are not like that.... but new players coming in don"t always know this...

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