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This is why I'm vegan. While some animals, (and a majority of humans) have to eat animal products to survive, I'm fortunate to be able to afford being vegan, and so I am. I fully understand that in some places, especially in the states, Japan, etc., it's almost impossible to be vegan. I also don't believe in killing creatures merely because they taste good. Thus, even if I got the chance to eat ethically raised animals, I wouldn't want to since the only reason why I would is because it tastes good (and in those cases, I'd rather have sushi).

I find it interesting how the smarter a creature is, the more it's cruel. Take dolphins for example. They can be absolutely evil, as can we of course. While I'm not a Christian, maybe there's some truth to the fruit of knowledge causing evil. ;) Oh, and I heard from a documentary that the smile evolved from the 'fear face'. That has several implications.

This is a good documentary though.

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I saw this years after I turned vegetarian and vegan but I still watch it from time to time with people who are eager to understand what they could not see beforehand.

But I strongly doubt that a vegan diet is more expensive than a meat based one. It all depends on our selfs and if I see the expense of what we are doing with nature and earth(lings) I cannot see a single argument that a vegan diet is more expensive. The strong opposite is the truth and that´s one of my main reasons why I will never stop trying to make people more aware of what we are causing by being the demand for animal products.

Thank you change for being one of the few who was not afraid ...

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Ii am not sure what its about this thread

if its about being vegetarian, i have nothing agains those that are begetarian, but i am not ashame of being what i am, an humain that is omnivore (i.e. eat meat and vegetable)

and i know where meat come from, i hunt some ... so its killing and eating meat i did kill , its the normal way of nature, ...

if its about some practice that are cruel agains animal ... there is some, but in my country there are laws to treat animal with less hurt as possible ... and its an crime to make animal suffer for nothing, so i am all for each country to adopt such laws and practice

if its about use of testing and research using animal for pharmaticals ... i am with it if it save in the end human lives, and in my country there are laws that cover that kind of animal use

stray dogs, cats ... spca is telling to neuter our pets so there is no surpoputation of them i think its an good practice ...

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I'm with Tom here. Humans have teeth for both meat and plants for a reason, so I see nothing wrong in eating meat and meat products.[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]But there's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian, obviously.[/color][/font]

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The difference between animals eating other animals and humans eating other animals is that humans stuff animals in tiny cages and stuff them so full of food that their legs collapse under the weight. Maybe if I lived in a family that hunted animals for food, I'd eat animals. Ideally, if someone wanted to eat an animal, they'd either hunt it themselves or get it from someone who has hunted it. It's the factory bred and slaughtered animals that I find disgusting. I'm not sure whether or not vegetarians are beneficial to animals, and that's why I'm a vegan. After all, once an animal is done producing milk it'd die, and not eating that would be a waste.

While we evolved so that it was possible for us to eat meat, our bodies are actually meant to consume a much smaller amount than many humans consume. If we're going to make biological arguments for eating animals, at least consider that biology also dictates that we should eat far less meat than most do. And again, I find that there's a huge difference between animals eating animals to survive, and humans eating animals for their taste. Imagine if all carnivores and omnivores ate animals even when they didn't need to. The whole world would go crazy! :P

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It's not the meat-eaters fault that greedy people go for industrial meat production. I'm only eating bacon whose name i know, and eggs i personally stole from the neighbor's hens. Meat doesn't grow in packages, and if you're up to raising the animals, taking good care of them, and doing the bloodwork, you're entitled to eating them, imo.
There shouldn't be any animal products for sale in supermarkets, imo. That's what makes animals suffer.

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What is it about you ask? Maybe the first time ever I don´t understand the question which was ask. I did not ask to comment I did not ask to change I did not even thought that there is a response. I don´t do things like this to teach or inform - who am I that I even think that I know something and others don´t.

I just share this with the ones who are somehow connected a little bit closer then others to myself - the might have an idea what they can do with it or they know other who are interested.

There is nothing to explain and no one should, there is nothing to talk about only acting if one feels to do so, there is no need to do anything if one does not feel to do something while watching this documentation.

If you feel somehow attacked by this topic, I would raise the question - Why do I feel attacked? - if I were in the position.

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I am a vegetarian. But I don't see anything wrong in eating animals and their products. Its easily available and in some places its cheaper than vegetarian food. Also, we kill plants to eat too. We should be the more merciless ones because plants cant even defend themselves or cry for help. Eating plants/animals is a part of the food chain. We need to eat to survive. Its great that we have so much vareity! The joke is even with so much variety, there are countries, No, continents where people dont have enough to eat even a single meal a day. There animal/plant/insect doesnt matter really. Just food.

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