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They r coming.......Sooonn...


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Pyramids in Egypt


Pyraminds in Mexico


Pyraminds in Italy


The Orion Constellation


So now ...decide yourself ...Blue pill or Red pill ?

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If they come they should better be friendly :P

On the other hand I hope they never come/exist even if it is a bit selfish of my part to want us humans to be the unique developed civilization in universe. Maybe because we most of the times are afraid of the unknown.

and finally nice conspiracy theory tipu :P

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If you follow Adam-ism thinking, then there's statistically no developed life in the universe, not even us. On the other hand, if you follow Pratchett thinking then million-to-one chances crop up 9 times out of 10, so they're probably everywhere.

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well better we dont meet extraterrestrials (if they ever exist)

if one look at history when an civilisation meet another one, the less evoluate is getting really the bad deal LOL

and i think it would be even more so if its an different speci

getting finish as meat is not an endaring possibility, hope extraterrestrials are vegetarian ;)

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The above r the cities build by Hopi Civilization in central America a 4000+ yrs ago. The entire cities were build in such a way as to match the complete Orion constellation.


The above is a sumerian tablets dated some 5000 yrs back. In which we can c a Solor system depiction

In which the Sun is at the center. But it was some 3000 yrs latter that mankind knew that Sun was at the center and not the earth as proved by Galilio i think.
Also here in the tablets all the planets were shaped [i]sphere[/i] but it was after Colombus expedition some 3000+ yrs latter people agreed that earth was round and not flat.


Nabta stones again representing Orion and other stars cycle, carbon dating shows some 6000 yrs old.

These r Baghdad batteries [size=2]Ancient Device that Produces a 2 Volt Electrical Current! dated around 200 BC.[/size]

They were here...
They shall be here....
Don't be afraid ....
[font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Terrified[/font] ....Kehehehe

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"They" never left, "they" are still here, "we" might be "them" or at least a part of "them". We would be ashamed if we would know everything from the times which are lost and if we would see how it was when "they" were living here "creating" for a long time what we consider as ours, we would be shocked by surprise.

If you start searching you will see more clearly everyday.

If you´re afraid of something then it´s possible that you could be afraid of everything.

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