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Quest: My pet is at MD birthday

Tom Pouce

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Quest: My pet is at MD birthday

Md birthday is an important even, one need to celebrate well. What better way than an dress party, including your pet?

Post an picture of your pet in costume, decorate or ... ready for MD birthday

if you don’t have an live pet to costume, decorate or ... ready for MD birthday
you can instead draw an imaginary pet

Drawing need to have MD in it, and picture have MD in it

The judging will be by pole where entries would be rate by 3 criteria
- I like it
- it’s original
- it’s MD like ... and fully in that quest spirit

Have fun!!

Quest will end in 6 days

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I'm sorry I couldn't dress up my pet in a Drachorn costume ... not that he/she needs any costume to look like a drachorn but I trained him/her as a Vicious ANIMAL :))) And I would get injured if I would try to dress him up ... so This is the best I could do:


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Should have a picture up today, so long as the part we are getting fixes the damn scanner....

EDIT: Took a little longer than expected, here is mah phase one (if I have time tomorrow I will implement phase 2, a diorama)


EDIT: Argh, so close, just need to find mah stapler....

EDIT: Pictures taken, just waiting on Upload :D

EDIT: Here we go, picture one (above shot, picture two is from the front). Yes, sorry MasterB, totally stole your Drachorn lizard idea. Tis my roommates pet, for some reason I hadn't even though of useing her (the Lizards name is alternately "Rose of Shayrn" or "Murderface Murderface Murderface") until I saw your post. And for those of you who don't see MD in the picture, remember all those avatars have it on them, so its in there [i][b]26 times[/b][/i] :P

We have A whole plethora of participants, from Windy with her booze, Cris Feliz the clown, Caru eating.... party foods >.>, MRD and all his lovely Ladies (even dst, sorry :P), Necromancer Mortis charging out of the bushes, and even Tarquinus hiding down the back being, well... Tarquinus >.>

There are also a whole bunch of oldtimers and old avatars, have fun picking out who is in attendance :D (Yes, I used Asterdai twice. But the second one used to be someone elses, so bleh :P). And of course, me taking mah pet scarab for a walk! Now you know where that thing in my hand goes! "Haha" to all of you who thought it was a sword! Just a fancy leash handle, and thats the story I'm sticking with.

FINAL EDIT: Here is picture two, from the front, just to make sure you can see everyone :P
Chewett appears to have fallen down a bit, thats him in front of MRD's Posse, if you can't tell. Z is behind him. 'cos, y'know, not a party without Z, the party goat. The lovely lady behing dst is Handy pockets. Sorry, didn't get a clear shot of you (my wife took the pictures, on her phone)

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