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Quest: anniversary sweet treat

Tom Pouce

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Md birthday is an important even, one need to celebrate well !

And if you are like me, some sweet treat is always an must to celabrate

Post in forum what would be the sweet treat recipe and description (illustration allow), as if you where making some for MD Birthday

The judging will be by poll where entries would be rate by 3 criteria
- look savory, I would love to eat it
- its original ..
- it’s realistic, I think it can be made or cook for real

Lets have fun !! ,

Lets fill our bellies ;)

Quest will end in 6 days

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1. Acquire use of a waffle maker
2. Acquire use of instant waffle mix
3. Acquire cherry topping
4. Acquire vanilla ice cream.
5. Make waffle.
6. Smear cherry topping on waffle.
7. Scoop of vanilla ice cream on hot cherry waffle.
8. [b] [color="#003366"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=285a3035658259cf739d31782674a9f6[/color][/b]
[b][color="#003366"]9. Upload pictures of food to MD webcam.[/color][/b]
[b][color="#003366"]10. Party![/color][/b]

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A recipe for the real MD fans:

1. Go out and pick some random plants you do not know and some aromatic herbs, go buy some colourful candy and fill a cup with 2 decilitres of water.
2. Pick two random grains from those unidentified plants.
3. Carefully grind the grains.
4. Crush the candy. (Make sure to keep the wrappers, you'll need them.)
5. Throw them all together in a bowl and mix them well.
6. Pour the mixture (dough in the original recipe, but I'm not sure that term is really accurate) in a cake form.
7. Put it in the oven and wait for an hour. (Turn on at your own risk)
8. Carefully take the kake out of the oven and take it out of the cake form.
9. Finally wrap it in the candy wrappings.

And you're done! There is your own original kake!

Depending on the grains, temperature of the oven and a few more minor details your kake might look like one of these:

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Some asked me if the picture or drawing to illustrate the recepy need to be original or taken from internet

in my mind it can be anything
what count is yur description or recepy, the drawing or picture to illustrate is allow not necesary, [b]its the overall post that will be judge[/b]

but remember judging will be by pole
and according of 3 criterria

- look savory, I would love to eat it
- its original .. (not something that everyone do or eat each day)
- it’s realistic, I think it can be made or cook for real

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Half Baked Knowledge[list=1]
[*]Get a fruit of knowledge (an apple in this story)
[*]Cut the stem and seeds out of the fruit
[*]Acquire some rainbow candies
[*]Crush the candies into a fine powder (otherwise replace this candy business with sugar)
[*]Pull the seeds out of a handful of unidentified plants
[*]Lightly crush and toast the seeds (Oatmeal is easier to find and use)
[*]Mix the seeds and candy powder
[*]Pack the mixture into the fruit
[*]Put a bit of fat (aka butter) on top (maybe a little alcohol too if you like)
[*]Bake the fruit in an oven until slightly squishy
[*]Let it cool down
[*]Enjoy (maybe with ice cream)
Done right it looks like this: [url="http://wednesdaychef.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/baked_3.jpg"]http://wednesdaychef.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/baked_3.jpg[/url]

Mine usually looks more like this: [url="http://www.tammysrecipes.com/files/bakedappleoatmeal425.jpg"]http://www.tammysrecipes.com/files/bakedappleoatmeal425.jpg[/url]

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Banana Fry sweet
items needed r ghee and banana only

1) First add Ghee in the fry pan

2) Cut the banana longitudinally thru its length like this. (The banana should be riped one ready to eat )

3) now fry the banana (first the seed side )

4) Allow it to get brown then turn the side ( now the seed side facing upwards )

5) Allow it to get dark brown

Thats it Banana sweet fry is ready.
The trick is seed side should be fried until brown and the curved side till dark brown.
gl hehe.

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Lets make a tea gel dessert!

Ingredients : 3 branches, a box of matches, 4 cups of cold tea, 4 sticky goop, 1 water, a spoon, 6 tea cups, 6 dishes, a pair of gloves,
Fire Starter's Chawan, Fritz the Snowman

Process :

1: Use the matches to lit the branches
2: Put the water and the sticky goop in the Chawan
3: Place the Chawan over the fire
4: Wait 5 minutes for the goop to melt in the water
5: Put the cold tea in the hot water
6: Wait 5 more minutes, during which use the spoon to mix the mixture
7: Serve the mixture in the tea cups.Use the pair of gloves so you don't get burned !
8: Have Fritz to freeze the cups
9: Empty the frozen gel on the dishes and serve while it's still cold !


Bon appetite ! ! !

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