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Paint Your Aramor!


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[b]Quest Title: Paint Your Aramor![/b]

[b]Brief description and rules:[/b]
This is a quest in the line of my latest "adventure" quests, where player will be driven in a little adventure to collect items, interact with npc's and solve little puzzles.
This time the goal would be to grab a fresh aramor and paint it! If you can't win it from official quests.. Make One Yourself!!

You can use the Magic word: [b]PAINT[/b]
After gather some information you realize that your best option to make a aniversary aramor is to ask for some help.. and who would be better to help you than the Elf?
From what you have heard the Helper Elf was last seen at the library.. Convince him to help you!

Go! Have fun!.. and a bit of patience :-P

Along the adventure there will be tasks that will be evaluated and scored, the player to score higher wins. The finnishing time will only be used in case of draw.
This will give all the same chance to win even if they are not present when the quest is launched.

Score Table:
MainTask(40pts) | Puzzle1(0-10pts) | Puzzle2(0-6pts) | Puzzle3(0-10pts) | SecondaryTask1(6pts) | SecondaryTask2(6pts)

Until the end of the Aniversary.

[b]My Rewards:[/b]
1 Angien (Age 430 days) with 5 tokens.
1 BloodPact
Spellstones ( to everybody that finnish the MainTask and does not reach the main prizes ).

[b]Other Rewards:[/b]
..From what i understand the MDBirthday rewards depend mostly on your FUN.. so Play it and Have Fun! :cool:

1. Carefully READ the dialogs with the NPC's

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Thank you for you feedback, that is what's makes us keep doing quests!

Hint: All quest is played in No Man's Land, Loreroot and in the easy acessible parts of the Archives (no need to pass the MDA gate).

Everybody can still win! The quest is score based and the question is.. Are you up to the tricky challenge??

[b]NOW PLAY!! Have Fun![/b]

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[b]No Art Skills Needed - Paint Your Aramor!![/b] :D

6 players have already a painted Aramor[b]*[/b] go and paint one for yourself!

You can still [b]win[/b] the contest.. get the[b] best score and win[/b]!

Needless to say that no alts are allowed... and please don't cheat.

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this was a very fun quest, i enjoyed it a lot, it had a nice mix of light heartedness and dare i say annoyance? but it all added to the experience and it was a great idea, had many different elements which made the quest never boring, very nicely done :)

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Even though I have reach a dead end, most likely cause I "didn't read the dialogues carfefuly", I still had a lot of fun :D

Thank you dark, I might not find the time to finish it, but I do hope to see it in the future. It's a great way to lower some visco, and keep newcomers busy and grinning, while it lasts ;)

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Thank you once more for your feedback :-D

Up to now [b]9 players[/b] have already a painted Aramor* !

Can you outscore them??
You believe you can.. so [b]DO IT![/b]

You can still win the contest.. get the best score and win!

Needless to say that no alts are allowed... and please don't cheat.

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  • 2 weeks later...

First i would like to say [b]THANK YOU ALL[/b] for participating!

Without ALL Of You this quest, wich have gave me a bit of work to prepare, would be completly pointless.
I also want to thank the Council for the incredible sponsorship, simply amazing, thank you.

The quest was primarly designed for fun, as for me i can say i had alot of fun coding and running it :D

Due to RL i've not been in the Ceremony and i hope that someone will post it on the forum so i can read and have a hint of what have happened.

Congrats to all that painted their aramors, the final Winner list is:
1. [b]No one[/b] scored [b]78[/b] (40+10+6+10+6+6) at 2013-04-22 02:04:19
2. [b]Dan Planewalker[/b] scored [b]77[/b] (40+10+6+9+6+6) at 2013-04-19 16:04:52
3. [b]dst [/b]scored [b]76[/b] (40+10+6+8+6+6) at 2013-04-21 11:04:15
4. [b]Valldore Nal[/b] scored [b]75[/b] (40+10+6+7+6+6) at 2013-04-18 21:04:42
5. [b]*Nimrodel*[/b] scored [b]74[/b] (40+10+6+6+6+6) at 2013-04-19 10:04:36
6. [b]Eara Meraia[/b] scored [b]74[/b] (40+10+6+6+6+6) at 2013-04-19 15:04:24
7. [b]lashtal[/b] scored [b]74[/b] (40+10+6+6+6+6) at 2013-04-19 15:04:52
8. [b]AmberRune[/b] scored [b]74[/b] (40+10+6+6+6+6) at 2013-04-19 18:04:29
9. [b]Esmaralda[/b] scored [b]73[/b] (40+10+6+5+6+6) at 2013-04-19 15:04:28
10. [b]*Clock Master*[/b] scored [b]72 [/b](40+8+6+6+6+6) at 2013-04-19 12:04:37
11. [b]Syrian[/b] scored [b]68 [/b](40+3+6+7+6+6) at 2013-04-19 16:04:19
12. [b]DARK DEMON[/b] scored [b]57 [/b](40+2+6+3+6+0) at 2013-04-25 19:04:27

Score detail in ():
[size=2][font=courier new,courier,monospace] MainTask(40pts) + Puzzle1(0-10pts) + Puzzle2(6pts) + Puzzle3(0-10pts) + SecondaryTask1(6pts) + SecondaryTask2(6pts)
Aramor Painted..+..Dwarf Convinced.+..Chest Open...+..Mouse Tricked...+.....Help Granny......+.........Elf Drunk[/font][/size]

This quest made me learn that i must improve some aspects of my quests, i hope next time i'm able to do it better.


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[b]The Prizes[/b]

After reading the celebrations log.. [b]MoC[/b] already rewarded:

1st Place : [b]No one[/b] got a Aniv Aramor and a Wish from his list
2nd Place : [b]Dan Planewalker[/b] got Aniv Aramor and a item of choice
3rd Place : [b]dst[/b] got a Morph

so i will continue from there and reward..

4. [b]Valldore Nal[/b] with a Angien (Age 430 / 5 tokens).
5. [b]*Nimrodel*[/b] with a Bloodpact
6. [b]Eara Meraia[/b] with 1 Spellstone
7. [b]lashtal[/b] with 1 Spellstone
8. [b]AmberRune[/b] with 1 Spellstone
9. [b]Esmaralda[/b] with 1 Spellstone
10. [b]*Clock Master*[/b] with 1 Spellstone
11. [b]Syrian [/b]with 1 Spellstone
12. [b]DARK DEMON[/b] with 1 Spellstone

I will deliver the prizes asap.

( some spellstones were graciously sponsored by [b]Chewett[/b], thank you )

ps:what's the matter with you people?? Kill the mouse?? it took me 3 hours to draw it! so it must last for 1 or 2 more quests!!

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