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Alchemagnus! Recipe quest


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In light of the recent (2569) announcement (though the idea certainly predates it) and in the spirit of slicing through what viscosity may be gumming up your creative juices, I present you a quest that's remarkably similar to one that ran two years ago.


Your task: Write a recipe that could function within the realm.



  • Despite the name, a "recipe" in MD is by no means limited to food items or consumables: it is the term for a set of instructions for creating finished products on a reproducible scale.
  • While it need not be in the official recipe format (see linked topic), it's to your advantage scoring-wise to write it as such. Besides, the lower the barriers to implementation, the better for us all.
  • "Limiting your device to existing resoruces and situations will give it a much better chance to be implemented than if you make up new resources." To this end I wrote up this spreadsheet a while back; hopefully it inspires you to look first to what's already here before inventing willy-nilly.

  • If you feel you really need a new resource to complete your recipe, you may, but see the point above.*

  • Be realistic. If you find yourself stretching things ridiculously just to make them 'fit', consider looking elsewhere for inspiration.

  • Be creative! An original idea and an ingenious execution make for a compelling combination.

  • If people are really reluctant to using the PHP format then I may write up a form so that reticent participants aren't penalized.

  • You may submit up to six recipes, but they will each be scored separately. It's much better to submit one great recipe than five mediocre ones.

  • You are strongly encouraged to make use of the new item combiner feature, although it may be a good idea to learn something about how it works. I know only as much as is in the announcement, but we may hear more "soon".

  • NEW: You are welcome to incorporate creature totems into your recipes, although the above guidelines of sensibleness are still in effect.

  • These guidelines may be changed; watch the Mood Panel for updates.

* From the Cauldron topic: (reformatted but otherwise as written)

"Potential resources that will be acceptable (because i am planning to add them for some time):

  • bilogical materials like leather, horns, hair, etc, from existing creatures only
  • metals or metal as a general resource
  • herbs, in detail or in general
  • unusual but very md style things like color in a bottle, or get inspired from things like the memory stone and current resources  :)

Understanding what i mean by md spirit/style is obviously essential to create a suitable item. Amaze me."

NOTE: Times have changed in the past few years, and these planned resources may not be implemented for quite some time. This is even more reason to stick to what we have unless doing so would severely cramp your style.


Judging: Currently taking applications for judges.

Categories will likely include creativity of idea and execution (separately), coherence, MDishness, and plausibility. More details to come.


Rewards: So far I can only offer a morph, some colored creatures, and some spellstones, but will probably be able to badger or scrounge up something more soon.


Implications: I haven't yet asked our new Council whether there's a chance of any of these being implemented, but I plan to contact them upon posting this. It's possible that while none of these recipes will be implemented in the form you submit here, ideas for items or steps you devise may be incorporated into another form somewhere down the line.


Submitting: Due to some uncertain phrasing in the previous topics about what parts of the recipes should be kept secret, you will probably be asked to submit entries by forum PM.

The deadline will be approximately two months from now, depending on what I hear back from various entities. Ideally submissions would be due before the start of summer festivities.


Note: Despite the attempts to stress realism in this, I can guarantee nothing with regards to implementation. There is a good chance that this will just be a "fun" quest with little impact on MD's development.

That said, this is a very creative community, and great ideas deserve airing. Let's see where this takes us.

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I unwittingly timed this about as poorly as could be.


Grateful as I am for the sponsorship, this quest is on hold until more becomes clear about how the recent scene modifications will operate. With any luck they'll allow for more recipes, or even--better yet!--make this quest obsolete*...


* not sarcasm

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