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Stage 11 overview


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Happy new stage all! Time to take a look at what changed during the last stage! Be careful, it's a long list.



Stage 11 started way back on 2011 - 08 - 20 with the announcement of the clues project (research and connections) which got implemented week later, along with the research achievements. (However due to a bug clues are now inaccessible)


While there already were a few shared items back in stage 10 many new have been added during stage 11. The Golemus lab became a new item dispatch location, and the lab in the Tribunal got unlocked in order to hold more shared items (but never got filled.)


The voices on the forum got appointed to represent the council.


Fight causes and land legislator items got created.


Land loyalty started affecting AP cost.


Public roles gained thrust points.


As a result of the absurdly blind day of justice (among other things) the jump links got created.


The Elu made it's way to MD, soon followed by creature resources (coloured paper and Grasan resources.)


Trading limitations for (shared items) items got implemented.


Wiiya resource was created.


The Age of Kings came to an end.


Shared pass papers were added.


The 200th creature level got created.


Chewett surpassed Mur in AD.


The summon by tag spell was made.


Slavery, in its current form with leashes, found its way to MD for the first time.


Heat voting got acknowledged as the result of a continues effort to use it to revive Seigheart.


The Drachorn lair was opened.




Limitations for alts to become adepts were put in place.


Items started to expire.


The calendar got completed.


Citizenship now gets decided by vote.


Major/minor tags got created.


Part of the archives got closed off.


And finally public items, item combining and creature totems got created to start of stage 12.



It's a long list, and I'm sure there are many more things that aren't in there (like the end of the CoT.) The realm changed quite a lot and is still moving on.

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killing is now an wide spread tool .... maybe to wide spread?


Molquert will now appear whenever anyone in the realm dies ... to help revive


more quest making by players and concil sposorin some quest (its an very good thing)

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What i c the biggest & better change is this "All quest creators received Anniversary Aramors and some WP codes.

" in MDB

For the first time ALL quest creators have recvd rewards. Unfortunately  It took 8 yrs for the Admins to realize that its important to boost quest creators hehe.      

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