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Mini BHC - Statless edition


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Mini BHC - Statless edition




This contest starts on 25th day of June at 14:00:00 server time.




All MP level (except MP1, MP2, MP7, MP8) will be able to participate and will be able to attack each other. Minimum number of fighters accepted is 5 and maximum number is 30. All players will be able to participate except the ones with Prison and Labyrinth citizenship.




Stage I will last only few mins (because I can’t delete it), so when a player makes 1 point stage II will start and you will be able to score only in 5 locations: Gazebo of Equilibrium, Fortune's Well, Gates of Marind Bell and Path of Loneliness. Stage II will last 5 days.




  • read the rules well, because when you sign up withdraws will not be accepted;
  • outside helps isn’t allowed, so if I see someone that isn’t in the contest that helps a participant I will give you a chance to stop this or you will not participate in any of my contest (if you sign up I will kick you out so you will lose also the fee entrance);
  • if one helps you and this player doesn’t participate in the contest you need to PM me and I will try to speak with this player to explain the rules;
  • teleport spells aren't allowed;
  • fighters aren't allowed to use any kind of spells or items that will prevent other players to attack you during the contest, like ghost spell or cloak item;
  • frog spell isn't allowed;
  • all spells are accepted, except for the ones already listed;
  • fighters aren’t allowed to use illusions, since they can’t be attacked by other fighters;
  • dead fighters will be kicked out, if they will be dead again when contest will start;
  • don't use bugs for cheat and if you find bugs related to BHC please email to bugs@magicduel.com with all screens etc for solve it;
  • you can pass heads to another fighter writing this in Live Chat: *gives (amount of heads) heads to (playername)* for specific amount of heads, instead for give all your heads you should use *gives all heads to (playername)*;
  • DON'T CHEAT or I could decide to don't let you participate anymore in my contests.







For participate to this contest every fighter will pay 2 silvers.








Not Active




  • 50 of all stats (Regeneration, Luck, Energetic immunity, Trade sense, Briskness, Initiative, Defence, Attack, Power);
  • Enchated stones: 1 Teleport to PC, 1 movelock, 1 attacklock and 1 toadspeak;
  • soulweaver from TK.
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Wouldn't MP5 players have a SIGNIFICANT advantage because they can fully upgrade their creatures?


Are fighters allowed to use Creatures such as Rustgolds, Jokers, Pimps, other colored creatures?

The original Statless tourney restricted the use of anything that added "color" to your creatures.


edit: changed some wording to give it better flow

Edited by Rophs
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I'm sure since Alyon is the boss heads master he is capable of just removing the stats* from the participants for the contest period. MP5s have always had a distinct advantage over Mp3s and 4s combat-wise. He's just not limiting the contest because other mind powers may want to play anyway, fully upgraded creatures or not.


Edit: or restricting the use of stats between competitors through game mechanics, etc.*


Edit 2: There aren't any rules against colored creatures this time, it seems.

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:)  your Mini BHC - Statless edition seem interesting and will probably be an nice success, and full of participants


i just want to say i hope that only participant will be with head or attakable ... because for my own  reasons i don't plan to participate, and dont wish to be attakabke especially


if so plz say it before hand, ill make me out of the way when your competition is going on



Edited by Tom Pouce
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@Rophs.... contest are always a bit unfair... I'm doing what I can for keep them more fair but it's difficult tha will hapen to see a contest 100% fair..


@Tom only partecipants will be affected my these rules

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anticipated to 22 May because I just seen that this month there wil be also HC so it's better not mix again the 2 contests... I'm really sorry for this.... if people that already sign up have got problems with this please let me know it...

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arghhhhhh... another problem... I will postpone it of one month so it will take place on 25 June...   thanks Fire


for the ones that already sign up... if there are problems and you can't be there I will give you back your silvers and I will kick you out from this contest...

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Hi MrAlyon,



I think you have to do a small correction / specification like :

"50 of all stats(Regeneration, Luck, Energetic immunity, Trade sense, Briskness, Initiative, Defence, Attack, Power)."


Because stats are also Waterhandling, herbalism and even "Skill Damage".


As much as you are in charge with the BHC, I don't think you are entitled to provide THOSE stats.



Your friendly neighbor ,

   No one

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No One... if you go on sign up page you can see what stats will be given out as rewards... however I can give out also skilldamage but I have decide that for side events it will be not given out... other stats aren't in my interface so np about it...

however thanks... I will add this also in the post....

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