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Felt like making a topic so that people can suggest ways BigC might get out of Necrovion.

As most people reading the adventure log will know, BigC has been captured and is being held by the shades in Necrovion, suggestions on how to get him out of there and moral support for him are welcome, i'm sure he'll appreciate it all.

A few of us are at Gazeebo of Gravitational Sound interior if you want to join us there as well.

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- shades are expensive and weak creatures, that makes them such a bad choice to recruit..for those who don't know their secrets yet.

That's the only info we have about the shades, and I think no one knows what to expect from Necrovion itself, so any idea will be kind of a shot in the dark >.< But if the shades are weak, then possibly a mass attack could work, if anyone can get through the yog-soth gate (sorry if that's not the correct way to spell it).

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I had a story about it in the chat, so I guess I'll write it down.

I am under the assumption that biggie still lives, as he is wondering why Ome

megaweapon, who is the one who did it I think

suckerpunched him. Now I think he'll wake somewhere near or in Necrovion, home to the shades and that he'll be tied up or something, or at least helpless. So that could mean he lost creatures or weapons, or both. The shades come back with a proposal, join them or die, and they give him some time to think about it. He then has 3 choices, try to escape during his time to think (during which the shades hopefully leave), but that means he has to beat Ome in a severely weakened state.

He could die, but that's lame, but probably what biggie would choose above the last choice, because he's so old fashioned and honorable and stuff; servitude, in which he has no choice but to kill the wizard.

What I would've done is go with servitude and wait for an opportunity to backstab Ome and flee :), and then on to searching for allies against the shades. (But then again I might've joined the wizard first and backstabbed him too, by luring in shades... I like backstabbing, does it notice?)

But now there is a new girl in town, oh how I love this game. She might help him flee, or give him the opportunity to flee, using that spell. Haven't given that much thought... But I'm willing to bet it ends in me backstabbing you, I mean, the girl, eh, I mean politically correct backstabbing the enemy... :)

My advice to biggie would be to backstab lots and lots of things :)

(Always helps me out in other RPG Games... hehe >:-) )

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hehe :)

yes, backstabbing does seem to pop up a lot in it lol

I figured it was them, there's not too many options to choose from

maybe his creatures are trapped somewhere away from him so he has to break free and then find his creatures before he can fight Ome, or Ome is just pretending to work with the shades for some other hidden agenda

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oh i like to see bigc again i realy miss him :) is he resurected or with some magical thing he will come back ?

and where is Gazeebo of Gravitational ? realy i never find that place :) i like to join the girl and maybe just maybe if all of us pray for him or maybe we can find someone who have some connection with shades hmm i wonder

btw who is ome is ome a name? maybe if we find him we have some way to help bigc :)

anyway he know the shades and maybe we can tortuer him LOL:)

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lol u suspect me? lol nop it wasnt me and how u do it i mean that black thing?

now that u mention i find that i am realy stupid its completly natural to suspect me bigc said ome it can be first of omega LOL interesting i wonder who realy did it hmm

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Totally off topic but you do it by selecting 'insert something' and then choose spoiler, but you can also type it: '[spoil er] text [/spoil er]' without the space of course :)

**edit** check adventure, I was right about him being in necrovion :)

Hope he's still alive too :)

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I guess it's better for him to become one of the shades... a special one, which with the body of a shade but mind of a human... and the shades might stop killing someone of their own kind :) Then its his adventure to use this special attribute to do something+to return to human form.


btw, Big C dont die, I still need targets to slaughter when I got to MP5 :lol:

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LOL, did you not read my spoiler? Or are you just acting in a really bad bad way? :P

I don't think it was omegaweapon. This would be too easy :)

Btw. there are more players, whos name begins with Ome... (ok i know, they are not so active like omegaweapon...)

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Yea I don't think it's ome


, he's kinda valiantly defending his innocence and ferociously accusing me :P but that's offtopic :)

Maybe the shades did it, seeing as how there was a name-changing spell during the mp6 test fase, if I remember correctly.

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