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Resources and Professions


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I'll start by saying two things:

1) Offtopic -  this topic will have long sentences due to my way to exprime in english (I would appreciate it if you had the patience to read all).

2) Ontopic - in every MMORPG I've played, resources plays an important role - to create new things;

I wasn't very involved in the collection of resources, but i can say, as a player that had to do with resources in other games, that what is happening now, does not work as it should work (IMO).

Why? I will give my reason and on that basis you will make connections by yourself, and tell if you tink the same or have different opinion.

Based on the games I've played i can say one thing: in both areas - collecting and processing of resources - must have the necessary experience to do it.

And a person who has knowledge for collecting certain resources can have the knowledge to process them, or not necessary. But if so, they are in close connection with each other.

And here are some examples of how should work the resources collecting and processing them.

About collecting:

  • i harvest herbs - so i have as profession: herbalism.
  • i cut trees - i am woodcutter
  • i collect memory stones, iron, ore etc - my profession is mining or whatever
  • i dig to find bones or other things - i have as profession: archeology

So if i harvest herbs, do you think i am good at digging or mining?

About processing:

  • using herbs and liquids i can create potions - i have as profession alchemy
  • i put spells into memory stones - so i am an enchanter...


So if i am a chef and i like to cook do you tink i am good at making alchemy or blacksmithing?

And there are more but if is needed and it is a good ideea, i can add all the professions that a person can have when is doing something.

The whole idea is that a person can't do all professions and is restricted to 2-3 professions, like 1 profession as collector, 1 profession as an processor of certain resources and 1 profession, which is more as hobby like fishing, riding, writing, etc.

This can be a better thing because people may be limited to certain profession and don't rush to get most resources they can.

Another thing i haven't seen it that you don't get fails when you try to collect resources... in my opinion, not every time i should try to pick up a herb i get it correctly or i can use it, or if i dig to find bones i don't find that bones everytime... I tink that is based on experience and to get experience are moments when you fail to get what you want... And when you fail to get something you get points to certain profession... till you become more experienced and get less fails.

Also i think heat should be used to be able to collect resources... like the requirements for using spells.

e.g. Who can work if he doesn't eat? - he needs energy to do that...

I know that the idea is hard to perform, but we have some basis, and in time can be improved, but at least this concept goes in a way, at least for me.

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  • Root Admin

i fail dramatically at reading long posts, even if i myself tend to write quite a lot oftenly.


all i have to say is that the following things are in plan for a long time for future development:


- collect resources will make you advance a specific hierarchic branch, similar to profession, that will enable you access to more advanced tools, and give you tags to certify your evolution. Access to abilities such as spells, functional items, restricted locations specific to the profession will be available to advanced stages of each branch. Basically if you keep doing one thing you advance in that direction. However if you will do other competing things some progress will go backward as an other will advance, so that will make you pick a path so to say.


This is the current plan, and i believe you say the same thing.

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This is an explicit answer, to what i have proposed. But are two things that i would like an opinion to. If you can read please from: "Another thing i haven't seen....". and tell me what you think.

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  • Root Admin

they are good and interesting suggestions.. currently you receive a skill that increases (or should) your efficiency. Fails sounds a bit better. Connecting heat to resource collecting is not bad either, but i am not sure how to do it exactly (as concept).


At this point if i discuss more about things that will be, they might remain just words lost in a topic. I better do what is being worked on now and deal with that, and when time comes for profesions or anything alike we discuss it then. There are lots of perfect ideas in my head and on the forum but only one at a time gets implemented. To reach a step where professions will be possible there is an other step that is needed and that is the ability to gain secondary tags. It is a feature that will be useful for multiple things but its currently unfinished.


The last part of your post is the most useful however

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  • Root Admin

There has been planned a while for "role based" systems through tags, i would link it but im not sure where the post is.


The idea is that when you achieve specific skills you attain tags which state your proficiency in the skill. You would be able to switch tags daily and when you are cutting wood with the "apprentice lumberjack" tag then you get a boost. Some tags will be easily achievable, others will require a number of sub tags. At first you will only have a very small subset of tags, but by upgrading them and using them more you become proficient in specific areas. Some tags would confer special status, abilities or items such as the possibility of being "keeper of the treasury" (able to access the land treasury) or similar. This would require land loyalty and a number of sub tags.


Others have proposed changing the way you gather and use the tools you have based on your skill level, i think it makes sense and think we should go in this direction somewhat. There was also the idea of tools getting damage, which again is quite a nice idea, and one i think we should look into.

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Both responses complete in some way what i meant. Which leads me to another things that i want to say, and can be taken as ideas.


1) I agree with land loyalty req. for to access the land treasury, but i dont agree with land loyalty req. on tools. In not a single game ive played i didnt encountered such restriction. Is normal that their places are in relation with the lands but they should be available for all.

It is normal that if you want a certain armor with bonuses specific to that land... to need land loyalty, but for tools... no.


e.g. and idea:   A land can ask a specific amount of coins (reasonable) for using that item, and the coins will go to land treasury.


reason:give the chance that the resources and tools can be used by everyone, not hoarded by a certain amount of players.


2) if a player collect all resources in a place just at the limit, and i come there what can i do? a) i can collect below the regeneration, b)wait until they regenerate, or  c) i can say: well done m8, i will wait until you are tired and i can get some for my self.


idea: rise the time between each resource is collected...


e.g. - first resource collected - cooldown 10min

       - second resource collected - cooldown 20min

       - third resource collected - cooldown 40min, and so on...


reason: you give the chance to others to collect resources, and the resources have time to regenerate for all of us.


3) I like fishing :P I would like to see some fishing spots, cause we have waters, all that is missing is to put fish in them :D and we don't know, maybe we can catch other things than fish to, like a piece of wood or torn boot or rusty armor :) or anything unpredictable...

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  • Root Admin

1) some tools are "owned" by the lands, they dont give them out freely


2) There is already a largish time on most tools, many above 10 minutes, i dont agree you should take more time between them


3) this could be implemented in the future, we shall see. What would the resources use be? Its more likely that a resource will be implemented if there is a use.

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1) when the land loyalty influence the tools, they are not anymore shared tools, are personal tools and you reach to get them only if you are a very cute, and is based on favoritism, even No One is complaining about some tools that are unreachable...

My point here was: can be done an option that you can buy or loan the tools in exchange of coins in public area? or even a deal that you should give let's say 10% from what you have collected to the land from where you got that item.


2) maybe i wasn't so clear... the main reason is that people aren't stopping until they get all resources till the limit. and this is not fair for the rest. Maybe this is not the best option, but is good like how it is right now?


3) you can catch different kind of fish that can be used later as resources for cooking recipes, or other type of recipes.

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  • Root Admin

1) Thats called public interaction :) many lands already have similar schemes, i know GG charges for use of its memory stone detectors, go talk to people, i dont see any change needed ingame for this.


2) Why not? early bird gets the worm

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When I first learned about shared tools in MD, I was under the impression that they were meant to be restricted to members of certain lands. Yet it seems that people think that they should have access to all of the different kinds of tools? I thought that apart from independent tools, some tools are impossible to be used by certain people.  


As things are now, I don't like the idea of everyone being able to use every tool. Professions might change my opinion on this though, because then someone would have to dedicate themselves to one or two kinds of resources instead of trying to collect all of the resources.

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1) Then let it like it is. Maybe the time will solve them all.


2) Early bird gets the worm??? then i should do some propaganda to the rest of  the hungry birds? if some of this birds are so selfish and take all for them... why the rest of us  can get them below reg. rate? right? like No One said: "because we can". Anyway your answer was clear and i know in which direction will go the things. So, i think i got all the answers i need. Thx.

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