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No more right clicking


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We are now no longer able to right click on MD.


Some of my general opinions:

The announcement states that this is being done for aesthetic reasons. I prefer being able to right click on things so that I can get the urls of pages on MD I commonly visit (friends list for example).



Ann. 2634 - [2013-06-12 23:36:34 - Stage 12]
No right click, but copy/paste via keyboard
Right click menu was removed from most of the interface. Copy/Paste via Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V is possible. The menu was removed for aesthetic reasons, if you feel this is not a good idea, or if you like it like this more than it was, post on the forum and explain.. i need to understand better how this is affecting the MD experience from player point of view.



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  • Root Admin

Correct me if I am wrong but by aesthetic reasons he means it was a side effect promted by the security measures needed to be implemented to defend MD against No One and others like him.


You are indeed wrong. While testing some security measures, mur decided that he liked the idea of removing rightclick as it brings you out of the "md feel" and back into "you are in a browser". So while many security measures were removed, he specifically implemented this.

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HAHA Please if anything i just paraphrased


Ann. 2632 - [2013-06-12 02:46:25 - Stage 12]
Due to the latest security updates, there is a (probably unwanted) side-effect. Copy/paste won't work anymore in chat. I am still thinking if this sort of change affects md in a good or bad way. It is annoying for sure, but i can think of two examples that are intersting. Spell words should be TYPED not copy pasted, that way you will be forced to pick more easy to remember and nicer words...and the other example.. copying chat to keep track of events is no longer possible (however could be done via item or spell or screenshot). I consider the no copy/paste in chat to be drastic change. There are several other sections where copy/paste/rightclick won't work anymore... please post on the forum if you think of situations where this restriction would seriously impair functionality so i can have a better view of the situation.


Mur and yourself are just trying to see the silver lining and i can respect that.

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  • Root Admin

HAHA Please if anything i just paraphrased


An email to Myself and council:





I would like -your- opinion (as opposed to public forum post) about
following interface changes

No right clicking allover the interface but allow copy pasting. The purpose
would be to make the interface look less as a "website" and appear more

Not allowing copy/paste would actually give an advantage to some that will
bypass it instead of preventing anything.

Normally i personally dislike no right click in websites, ..it makes me
feel less in control so to speak, on the other hand i tend to like how
things look without right click in md, the right click menu disrupts the
look of the site and takes you out of the "atmosphere" of md for a sec.

I will post this also public.

i will decide myself ..this is not a vote, i need your opinion separated
from the rest.




I will suggest you dont make assumptions.



He spent a load of time implementing it specifically, the previous security measures did a load of nasty stuff to the site, including making some peoples antivirus think it was a virus.

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  • Root Admin

of course Chewett looks to me like a solid proof and in no way related to No One challenging Mur, how silly of me.


Right click does not prevent no one doing anything, The previous security measures did MUCH more than just rightclick. Protip: it used obfuscated js.

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  • Root Admin

yes, i didnt gave many details in the announcement because its not needed, but what happend was clearly described by Chewett . While implementing the obfuscation thing, i saw i like the no right click side effect, ..later i removed completely that protection and implemented no right click separated. Now it is not a side effect, but specifically made to be so.

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