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Interim Dream Quest

Phantom Orchid

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Interim Dream Quest - Part I


Phantom Orchid had a dream (or was it only an illusion?) in prison, and needs your help to find out what it means.

Unfortunately, right now she dreams she is a dream, and her dream (or was it only an illusion?) is all jumbled up.

Solve the Sweet dream, or some sort of nightmare? puzzle to begin your journey,

and be prepared to plunge yourself into the sea of the subconscious.


Where day becomes night, and night becomes day

Where there is madness, where there is confusion

Where lines and boundaries are blurred

And emotions are likely to run high.


Poe is effectively trapped and can offer no assistance at this Time.











(I will give at least 1 gold coin (if/when I get out of jail) to the first person who finishes part I.  Not sure if the TKs are still running or whatnot, but this is open for sponsorship if anyone is feeling generous :) )

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I tried the puzzle, did the borders. But after that I quit. Because I spend already some hours on it, and it would take me a way too long time to just find the right pieces. Because everything is black, I did not had a reference point. And I don't want to spend 10-15 hours on this. So maybe make it less pieces?

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  • Root Admin

Quite honestly there are way too many pieces for someone to do it, it might be fun as a real puzzle, where i could take weeks doing it, but as a quest, especially if its needed for part two, would take many hours. I agree with Rik and Dan

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Somebody has come out of the nightmare and into a beautiful dream - somebody has also earned a gold coin.


Congratulations to...


wait for it...




Part I will end when I get out of jail.


I have no creatures and most of my coin is promised elsewhere; however, for others who finish I can offer some enchanted stones from my inventory.

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Congratulations to Dan for completing the puzzle!



not exactly came to my mind when i revealed this image, but during the time i put the pieces together, a thought came to my mind.


"nightmares are broken dreams."


When the pieces were yet put together, they were chaostic, and formless. They were as terrifying as nightmares should be.


But once the pieces were worked out, the nightmare transformed. A beautiful scene appeared, calm and serene. My eyes was captured by the magnificent [spoiler]. Nothing else mattered.


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