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Players as clickables


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My idea is to make clickables in players. See it as a document like comment on self. When you click on it, it behaves as a normal clickable.



1: More options for quest makers.

2: Spells like "locate" get more use, since the players need to actually search for the player to complete the quest.

3: The player itself doesn't have to talk to the player, because it all happens in the clickable.

4: This makes questing more dynamic.

5: Certain players are getting a bigger role with this system, because they are important towards the quest.


Discussing points:

1: Who gets the ability to get a clickable as a person. Is this given out to everybody, wish shop item or do we only give this to RPC's? The answer to this is also influenced by the next point.

2: Who can edit the clickable in a person? He or she can only change his/her own clickable, everybody that can edit clickables or this feature needs to be bought in the wish shop (after the edit clickables).


I hope I gave the information needed for you to decide if this fits MD.

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This is an interesting idea.


I'm not sure all of those are advantages.  In terms of dynamics, nothing could be more dynamic than interacting with another person.  I think if people are a part of a quest it should involve speaking with that player, not some lesser scripted interaction.  There are exceptions, such as when the interaction we're trying simulate does not involve speech, for example a script that simulates pickpocketing.


I would be more interested in the following features:

  • The ability for a script creator to get notifications triggered by scripts they have written.
  • The ability to store spells with clickables (a concept similar to storing spells in stones), and to be able to trigger those spells from MDScript.
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Hmm, very interesting idea, though I think we can use our current "comments about self"  to pseudo-script via redirecting HTML (forms and such), as it currently works.  I'll try to fiddle with something to test that (but I'm sure folks like No One or the wookie might already know).


As for players themselves,  I think it may be a not good idea to use us as clickables.  Not a bad idea by any means, but I have a vague undefined sense that it would change how we players are fundamentally represented in the realm.  I can't explain what I 'feel' though, in short words here.   And, of course as Ivorak says, it's nice to talk to people also. Automation is fun, but too much may be 'limiting' in a sense.


I'll second storing spells or item transfers in current MDscript!  

It was mentioned waaaay back as a possible thing, and 'soon' hasn't happened yet for that feature.   

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Scripts in personal pages are not really permitted. You might even get banned for that by the system. So be careful with that.


And no, players as clickies are a BIG no no on my list. This is a game that highly encourages players interaction. Why would you take that away?

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Scripts in personal pages are not really permitted. You might even get banned for that by the system. So be careful with that.



Thanks for the warning.   I was considering less MDscript, and more like those interactive WIX pages some people use.   Not quite "clickables" in-game, but still potentially useful for the sort of quest idea mentioned, or the "flash puzzles" I've seen used?  (sans variable storage and such, so not quite the same at all perhaps)

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