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Treasure theft


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Shocking news: theft in broad daylight.

On day 208 of year 8 we were informed through the form of a loud roar that made the Gazebo of Equilibrium tremble that something was not right in the Underground. Upon arrival at the Gazebo of Chaos we found a very displeased drachorn by the name of Draconas. This drachorn informed us that someone had entered his treasure lair while he was hunting and stole some precious metal from him. The exact object that was stolen nor its value is known to us as the owner was in no state to reply to any further questions.

However he did say us to spread the word that he is looking for brave adventurers to retrieve him his treasure as he cannot leave his lair anymore in fear of losing more. Candidates must report to him at the Gazebo of Chaos.

Day 209 year 8

Magicduel news staff



General information:

This quest is a race, first to complete wins

No alts allowed

Cheating results in disqualification, and possible refusal for next quests

i have a small price for the top 3 but additional sponsorship is welcome

if there are any questions or remarks you can always contact me



You are asked to keep moving

you will only respond to questions in chat, pm or forumpm are to be ignored

Forbidden locations: wp/story mode locations, labyrinth

Try to avoid locked locations (which require a high loyalty to the land to enter) such as Necrovion, MDA personal quarters,…

(this does not apply to GG as the gate isn’t the only way in)


You will keep a list of people that passed by you and send this list to me and the next in line



I wish you all good luck and have fun


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Rewards update:
1) rusty, spellstone, 18 sc
2) nutcracker, spellstone, tele pc, 14 sc
3) sharptear, spellstone, piece of cake, 11 sc

Spellstone: toadspeak,movelock and attacklock
Winner choses first etc

Signing up is possible untill top three is completed, or 6th of august
Currently none is close to the end yet so take your chance and join this quest and you might win!
Throughout this quest you can learn much about md

Current leader: darkraptor

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last day to start, questers

and Darkraptor is still leading, he's just over halfway

2nd and third place is still open all are very close there, however catching on to Darkraptor is still possible



Tomorrow it's the accuseds' turn

you can do the quest like all the others

when you  need to question yourself you will come to me and i will give you a task instead


since no rewards have been claimed yet they can still win something

i have done everything in the process to keep the accuseds secret from each other,(i have proof if needed)

the only names they know is from the person before and behind them

but since you questers have had over a week to start i believe that is a good enough compensation

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hello all


first of i want to thank you all

you the quester that tried my quest and may or may not have finished it

and of course the "accuseds" for your patience and your willingness to help me with my first quest


why I chose to use people for my quest and not make it clicky based:

-       I don’t know a single word of coding nor do I have clicky access, and I wanted it to remain “my quest” since it was my first (if my future quest requires clickies i will contact a someone who can work with them)

-       If it were clicky based it would be a boring point and click quest that would’ve been finished in a half an hour

-       I am a fan of interaction, I even made it that the players had to interact and cooperate to finish all the tasks (and tried to get a task that suited with the accused’s role)

-       Some tasks were made so that they had to be judged, a human isn’t the same as a line of code


now you ‘ll finally see who your fellow accuseds were :)

i'll give you the walkthrough so you can get a clear image of the quest in its totality


start: find Draco in GoC and prove him with a personal example (in character) you know what a treasure is

acc1: Nad, player must find mda water tool and harvest 2 water+ proof

acc2: dst, player must bribe her with candy/cake/other

acc3: Vall, bring him iced tea, to his wishes

acc4: Azull, md related question/ small task (for example: collect a heatstone)

acc5: DD, riddle

acc6: Rophs, create task for next contestant and solve task of previous (within same difficulty level!)

acc7: No one, find text in east + 4 shared items

acc8: Burns, find 3 names in AL that only appear once

end: Nim, trivia question


i made replacement tasks for the accuseds when they had to find themselves

i will not post these here as it might be of use in a next quest


don’t forget to give some feedback on the form
(on the top right of the screen ingame)




topic can be closed, questions/remarks can be sent to me in (forum)pm

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