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Black and white tourney - applying


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Welcome to Heretic Tourney!


You need to apply here to participate. Post your playername and current land affiliation.

Only Mind Power 5 allowed!


Applications will be open until 5h of August.





Tourney will be set in the knockout phase straight away. I will draw the names and randomly distribute who will fight against whom.

Depending on the number of participants, each mainland will have number of its champions that will be set in different branch-phases so they can't meet before semi-finals or the finals themselves (again, depending on the number of participants). If one land has more fighters than number of champion picks, land leader will be contacted to choose his land's champions (Chewett for MB, MRAlyon for GG, Azull&Peace for NV and Mya&Shem for LR - please correct me if I made a mistake regarding land leaders).


No colored creatures!

No tokens!

No influence and combo!

No drachorns of any kind! (didn't want to kick them out but seems it is needed for the contest to stay balanced)


Fight round is consisting of two battles - one where player A attacks player B, the other where player B attacks player A.

The goal is to take two wins against your opponent per fight round, NOT consecutive two wins. If a round has no winner, another round takes place until victor is determined.


Players will have a limit to organize the fight and meet up themselves. If it is not organized in the time limit I set, I will set a time for the players to meet. Those that don't show up forfeit the match.

Fight logs need to be screenshot and sent to me, as well as combat result from the fight interface itself.






1 WP for the winner.

new: thanks to TK sponsorship, the winner will also get a creature of his choosing - Tainted Angien or a Windy. Second place will get a remaining creature, and there will be a third place reward of 1 gold coin IF there are 16+ players participating.


If the event proves successful, it will be held annually.Eternal glory to the winner and his homeland!

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Applying phase done, I will distribute the pairs as soon as possible, probably using an algorithm based on the date of your applications rather than filming random draw. (1st and 3rd, 2nd and 4th, 5th and 7th, 6th and 8th... or 1st and last, 2nd and one before last... etc.)

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