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Ann. 2720 - [2013-08-21 16:54:39 - Stage 12]
Pickable Items!
There is a new sort of clickables that once clicked will vanish from the scene and appear in your inventory. The picked item is still visible and can be picked by others, it only vanishes from the scene for the one picking it. This just an announcement of the feature, at this moment there is no clickable set to be pickable, but now it is possible to do this and several items will be set like this.
Possible use of this feature: grabbing tools that you can actually see in a location, taking your own drinks from the bar, gathering parts of a larger object scattered allover the map (to assamble it later using a combiner item)... lots of other quest making potential.

-- Mur



Will there be a feature later implemented as part of AUTUMN2050 that makes it easier to have the new AUTUMN2050 features be parts of quest? It seems like the only way to have them part of quests is get Mur or Chew to add them. Might there possibly be a "Questmaster" who is tasked with running around and putting pickables and other things in?

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  • Root Admin

There was an announcement stating that people would be permitted to add elements to the scene if they have proven their worth. However im unsure at to what they will be permitted to do. Adding new AUTUMN2050 features to the game cant be done lightly mainly because you dont want people putting a lot of pickable items somewhere, imagine if tipu creates a money tree? :D


Give an example, and i can explain better :)

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Suggestion: AP cost for picking up items? Perhaps even a persistent AP cost increase for movement while carrying some? Say for Example someone (lets just go ahead and call them Tipu) decided to make a hobbo-box fort, and someone else (lets just call them dst) decided it was ugly and wanted to drag it somewhere they didn't care about.

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I suggest that this new kind of items or haability to make them be given for people making quest , like those programming clicy


I suggest that it would be possible to make some such items, program in interaction with what can already be made with ordinary clicy


I suggest to keep MD tydy that it would be possible for such to be temporary, like that one programming an ordinary clicy need to refresh if he want his programming still active


That way it would be possible to make many ester eggs every where , make an quest to get most of them, and after quest everything is no more so MD is keep tydy


or make an quest catch an rabbit , one clic on it get it, but he jump off to another scene or another place in same scene .... to finally put it in his cage , and after quest, no more, MD is still tydy


That is an hability that i really would like .. so MUR when yu will give avay that hability, think about me


quest is my interest


Tom Pouce

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A selection of accepted images along with specified areas people could use sounds like a good idea to me. Putting a limit to how many there are, or perhaps linking them to a clicky could be awesome for quests. For example, entering the right phrase into a clickable would make the pickable item appear, which could be used to continue the quest, with a limited number so only the first 10 or however many people could grab them. Keys that unlock the next clickable would be a great use for this.
A more advanced option could be having the pickable items actually be the reward for a quest, if you allowed the quest creator to assign them properties. For example, giving the creator the ability to assign 5 items with revival properties and link them to the final clicky in their quest.
Even more advanced would be setting levels to item's abilities. Assign Revival to Rank 5, minor stat boost to Rank 1, and fill each rank up with different abilities. Then giving a certain amount of a rank to each quest creator based on their skill in quest creation would allow a ton of customization. It could be done almost automatically after enough time has passed, with them getting a certain amount each month. Rating each quest creator out of 5 stars and giving them items for quests based on their rank after they have enough votes would cover it.

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All this new features seem so great because they open a vast number of quest making possibilities.

From what i've understand the system enables pickable items vs normal items on the scenes, wich is great, but for flexibility it would be good that the questmaker can program that beaviour "on-the-fly".

I would like to sugest a draft for 3 mdscript functions to handle the items:




Joining this functions with the "On Pick" and "On Use" scripts per item it would permit the questmaker to have full control over the display and the handling of the items.

Usage Example 1:
  Objective: Player A goes to Fortune's Well to grab a paper from the board
  Needed items : paper (placed visible over the board )
  Paper "On Pick" script:

  Paper "On Use" script:
              // some storage could be used to decrement and control the use counter to show how many are left..
              echo "beware this is a OLD Paper!! you can only use it 3 Times, then is gone.. Forever!!!";

Usage Example 2:
  Objective: Player A goes to Fortune's Well to use the machine and collect steam intended to not be used directly
  Needed items : Machine,steam (steam would be on the scene but hidden )
  Machine "On Pick" script
              // suply items and charge the machine..
              // if all done correctly.. give steam to the player

  Steam "On Use" script:
              echo "Why you use it steam alone? Better keep it for later.. it might come handy.";


Usage Example 3:
  Objective: Player A goes to Ash Arch and pick the box
  Needed items : Box
  Box "On Pick" script
              // Check if box already in inventory.. just to be safe.. if not continue

  Box "On Use" script:
              echo "You got some gift!";
              // once it's used.. let's put again a box on the scene



Note: if this is not the right place to put suggestions, please move it or notify me so i can repost on the correct location.

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  • Root Admin

I see a way to give it to players..

we give it to those players and bound strictly to the quests that have high replayability and fit in the md world perfectly.


Otherwise, we need some sort of cleanup system if they will be used for one time quests.


An other way would be to bind them to one account, same like the current clickables content (maintenance update thing)..i tried this but eventually it didn;t proved to be alright. It keeps md clean, but too many things get lost over time. Wodin is still there you know, in that scene, knaty is also part of the realm and so on. If we bind the work of one player to be present only if that player still exists, it might not turn up that well in time. On the other hand, if such things remain as relics regardless of the presence of their creator, they will cause lots of chaos if they are not planned out perfectly.


All of this is something we need to discuss well, for now i focus on the features and while doing so i keep in mind that one day they might be public, so i design them as such.


Having partially setup quests could also be an option. For example, you could get a shared item that consists of a pack of several items you could place on the scene and use as you think fit. You could organize partially predefined quests, with a flavor of your own. There are many players that have no clue how to do a quest, but would love to try something, and at the same time there are lots of good quest ideas that get used just once then get forgotten.


We neeeeed cyclicity back in action, that is the medicine that will cure md, and md is now under intensive treatment.

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We neeeeed cyclicity back in action, that is the medicine that will cure md


This, this, a million times this.


One minor thing would be to bring back the randomly appearing colourful power-ups for older players. I loved those!

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