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This is the public section of the Public Council, here we will post updates about some of the things we are discussing and any polls that will be published for the public to vote in regards to any ideas that we may want to ask the public about. 


We'll periodically post our intended agendas and the synopses of our meetings and private discussions for the public to see what things we are currently talking about and to be able to pass comments and provide any ideas that they may have.


There may be times  in which we fail to reach a definite conclusion about an idea and may refer it for public review to try and improve on the idea.


Everyone is free to post here as this is the public section of forum and will be good place to post any ideas you would like us to look at and discuss with others and ourselves



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If someone were to hold an election and the community would collectively acknowledge a few leaders/planners as the Public Council, regardless of whether or not they are "officially" Public Council. Besides, if something like that is heavily backed enough by the community then it will likely made official. Maybe after my census and before my crew recruiting contests I could do that. But if someone else is willing to invest the time/resources then feel free to do this.


Likewise if there is no response to this idea I will probably refrain from carrying it out because it shows that the community does not want a Public Council.

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Yes, But I doubt that the community would do this because people like talking about things but dont like doing things.


It would help us a lot if these leaders could also do work and such, because we could offload it. At the moment im picking people who I think can be helpful, like DD, Rophs, etc and asking them to do smaller jobs.

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