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New Shop Items

John Constantine

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I was wondering about what kind of little improvements or add-ons could be implemented into the game. 

I want to propose this new items which could be available to buy in MDShop:


1) Compendium of Beasts +5 

    Compendium of Beasts +10 

    Compendium of Beasts +15



This item allows you to extend your Bestiary to 10 (5+5), 15 (5+10) or 20 (5+15)  depends on item type. 


It could be nice add-on which give you the chance to show more your beautiful creatures.



2) Mail Adress Book 


This item gives you new extension to your Personal Messages page: an Adress Book where you can add players names. After that you can just select player from your AB and send him new message.


If I want to send a message to someone I have three possibilities right now:


  • add player to my friend's list --> send message  (But if you don't have enough free space on your friend's list you can't add many players)


  • reply for received mail (But you have to get message from that player BEFORE you can send him yours)


  • click on player's name and send message (you have to FIND that player in the realm)


This item could resolve annoying problems which I've mentioned in brackets.



PS: I'm not sure if that things proposed above don't exist already. If so, thread is out-of-date. When I devise sth more I will add it to this post.


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  • Root Admin

1. No, people buy extra bestiaries from others and the WP shop. I dont think this will or should be implemented.

2. No, its essentially, from what im seeing, just typing in a name to PM someone, something that Mur has repeatedly said no to.

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ad 2. see what dst and Chewie said


ad 1. Maybe that extension could work in the WishShop, as far as i can see the bestiary is limited to 1 wish, then you need to buy more slots from someone else. It'd probably be nice to have more of those in the WishShop.

Nice but at this very moment quite useless. I am still waiting the day when their original intended use will be finished.

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1) For explanation's sake:

Friends in shop list is already a issue in my point of view. Being able to message anyone any place is NOT what i want. Geographic factor, like "you go far away to hide from someone" should be possible. Characters should be able to get "lost" or people to forget about them just because they no longer see traces of them. People that stay in a place build around them sort of their own "home", that "home" would have no meaning , if you can poke and talk to someone from any place without entering his "Home". See this as how telephones ruined the personal communication in RL..if you get what i mean.

from here.



Nice but at this very moment quite useless. I am still waiting the day when their original intended use will be finished.


[spoiler]Ann. 1556 - [2010-07-16 03:03:37 - Stage 10]
Bestiary....Comes with a secret (undocumented) feature, related to illusions.[/spoiler]

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