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Council Activity - Status updates


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Brief summary of PublicCouncil activity so far. (so you folks can see where we are)    ;)

To be updated periodically, as needed.

  • Organized ourselves, set rules/'bylaws'/structure/etc to coordinate efforts and direction.
  • Forums created and structured. 
  • Held a few short meetings to discuss future plans & priorities (+ many threads with Your ideas).
  • Discussed Adventure Log.  Approved and Begun.  (Your Adventures start now, go!)
  • Planning & Preparing  Events (Halloween, etc!)
  • Working with coders to prioritize Unfinished Items.
  • Finalizing a number of smaller requests from individuals and Land leaders.
  • A number of Larger Scope ideas to be finalized from Public Feedback.  ie:
  • ...? 

Additionally, you can contact Public Council at any time via our Forum, or private messages to the our members: Maebius, Syrian,  Zyrxae, Eara Meraia.


Per announcements, If you have a Super-secret Alt that needs to contact us and can't track down anyone to PM directly, you may now use the Hidden Orb at the GoE to submit a message to a shared 'mailbox' there.  No password needed. 

Please only use this feature as a last resort though.  Forums and in-game PM preferred.

(If you'd like this clickie be moved somewhere more accessible to new folks, suggest it to us! ;) )

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  • Root Admin

>>Discussed Adventure Log. Approved and Begun. (Your Adventures start now, go!)

And by that, you mean you discussed, took too long, So i arranged it being restarted, which Mur and council approved and council set up? :P

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