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So long, it's been good to know ya

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As you all know, I have not been truly active for quite some time. I have been trying to log in each day, say hi to old friends when possible, and that's about it. I've never pretended otherwise. When I logged on today I found this.



 Muratus del Mur - .: random bs to pretend i am active :.  


 Phantom Orchid - .: Sanguine Moon :. 


I have enjoyed helping craft items with Udgard, and doing small things here and there, but, I have simply not had the capacity to be involved in this damn game since my little sister ODed three months ago. I've been grieving, at a loss... occasionally my day would be brightened when, such as yesterday, I ran into Kiley and we had a few short laughs in game. 


The above comment from me was a small shout out to the red moon that was mentioned in the MD calender yesterday. That's it.


I don't have the energy to log into this crap - I just don't need it right now, or ever.


Thank you (you know who you are) for one hell of a ride.


Ciao MD, it's been good to know ya.

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Not upranking for the wrong reasons.  Whether that needs to be said.


Never earned your trust in any sphere or cube, so unsurprised to be blindsided as far as what exactly was going on, though it was clear you weren't happy...


.: You slowly back away and give her some space :.  


I hope you find wholeness through this breaking off.

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