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Stat contest 2014 thoughts (Nov 2013)


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Hello all,


at the start of 2013 I had an idea myself to get motivated for fighting. I know that many consider fighting broken and stats no longer important or out of control but anyway here was my idea.


I made a screenshot from my stats at the first day of the year and from that day on I made one pic at the end of every day from my daily stats win. At the beginning and end of each month I would take another pic from my stats overall. Now the year is nearly over and I can see where I had the biggest growth or the best day of the year when it comes to gaining stats. I had day and weeks without any fighting at all but sometimes huge gains in the collecting stats section.  


I would like to make a contest out of it but don´t know how you think about this. So before even starting such contest, which would run over one whole year, I would like to ask about all of your opinions. After 2 weeks we can start a poll to see if it´s worth or not. 


Here are my thoughts on some "rules".


1. one screenshot at the end of every days stat gain, if you did not gain anything at all there is no pic needed.

2. one screenshot of the overall stats at the start and end of each month

3. saccing of creatures are not allowed and included - if you sacc crits in 2014 one needs to provide screenshots from the amount of stat you gained from it and it will be separated at the end

4. all stat gains will be included not only the "fighting" stats to judge a the end - considering that its much harder to gain the collecting stats to rise in comparision o the fighting stats it will be needed to have a calculation (in %) for getting fair results at the end

5. if you miss to make screenshots for some days - it´s not the biggest issue as long as you can provide the monthly stat gain and explain if ask how you got the stats    

6. i could be interesting to have every 4 months a "checkup" on how many everyone who is competing gained in 4 months - additional motivation included

Please think about it and post your constructive criticism in this post.

7. of course there should be many different categories and so many possibilities to win something -

here are some ideas:

- the biggest day, week & month stat gain or loss overall of the year

- biggest stat gain or loss in each different stat 

- biggest stat gain or loss overall (all stats combined) 


All the best to all of you and have the best day of your life


#1 I added the counter ti gaining stats to make it interesting for those who decided to go the other way

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I agree with Chewett here. This seems to be a nice idea to make fighting more attractive and I would surely participate. Though 1 year is a way too long. what about 1 month?


I also see a little privacy issue here. Did you imagine screens be posted on forum or sent privately to organizer, who counts and summarizes stats? I think the second is much better if this organizer posts only the current "ranking" on forum for motivation and general orientation of participants.

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