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Toadspeak spell working strange

Valldore Nal

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Today i noticed that toadspeak had some strange effects. More specifically, after the toadspeak effect ended (disappeared from the trigger box) i was still toadspeaked. 


Once i did a refresh to the page i got the message that i was silenced, with the id given on the parenthesis at the end to be mine (Valldore's id).Got it for 2 times and then whatever i wrote in chatbox didn't have any effect in chat (not sure if this is part of the silence spell, i'm not aware how it works).  After a couple of minutes the effect ended.


On a second test, where i didn't do immediate refresh, i was still talking in chat like i was under the toadspeak effect, managed to write a couple of messages and afterwards i couldn't send messages to chat again either ( same as when i got the message for being silenced on the first case and couldn't send anything). After a couple of minutes the effect ended as well.

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Prob better to ask here than start a new topic. 


What is the point of having the effect continues after the notification at the trigger box has expired ? I mean, if the spell should have a greater duration, why not leave the notification for longer ? I assume since it's not a bug that there is a reason behind that behavior, but i don't get it. 



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  • Root Admin

That's a bug because of how the system is meant to be the same time but it clearly doesn't work. That will be fixed up later but it's another thing that needs work. The system will be changed so it's not crowbarred into the silencing system as it currently is

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