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Christmas poem

Eara Meraia

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Christmas poem




Write a Christmas motive MD related poem.  




Write a poem (doesn’t necessarily has to be long! Quality over quantity!) related to Christmas and MD. Send your entry to me as a Forum PM with a title “Christmas poem”


Point Worth Value of the Quest:


Winner will get 5 points to compete for Champion Quester prize.




The rewards will be sponsored by the Council (HC) and are still to be decided.




The Deadline for this quest is January 15th, 23:59 server time.





Only one entry per player, No alts allowed.

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first of all thanks to all participants and judges of this quest. Thanks for the patience of everyone who was interested in seeing the results. I happy to finally present you all entrees and winners.


so, here they are, our poets:




[log Poem]

Christmas time is flowing, you can feel it in the air
Happiness in trying to sing, there's music everywhere.
Right over there is Mya sharing stories of the kings,
Indoors is Summer Breeze baking delicious, sweet, good things.


Santa got confused again and thought he was Rudolph this year

There was no help from Sunfire as he spread around more beer.


More gifts from tombola as the pairs find each other waking

And cards appear to send more cheer as Christmas time is ending.

Send them 'round, New Year's in town! Good tidings of MD making



Bash Chelik


[log poem]

Unyielding Spirit

Remember this, when all else fails
when your hopes are dying, one after another
When your life becomes unlife
When you dream of dreams but live your nightmares...

Remember to wait for the dawn
Upon which face all fears are dust
Remember of those worthy of love
Where begins the soul and where ends the lust...



Elthen Airis


[log poem]

Marind Bells

Dashing through the snow
In a drachorn’s open sleigh
In No Man’s Land we go
Kyphis makes us laugh all day
Bells on Bob’s sprigs ring
Making “Z” all bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
An MD song tonight

Oh, Marind Bell, Marind Bell
Joyful all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a drachorn’s open sleigh
Marind Bell, Marind Bell
Joyful all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a drachorn’s open sleigh

Near Liquid Dust’s house
i thought i’d take a ride
And soon miss Pamplemousse
Was seated by my side
Her grasan’s lean and lank
He had fasted all this lot
Two winderwilds in his belly bank
He fancied just to rot

Oh, Marind Bell, Marind Bell
Joyful all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a drachorn’s open sleigh
Marind Bell, Marind Bell
Joyful all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a drachorn's open sleigh.





[log poem]

I have burned your silly treasures

thats I've found when looking for fenths.

You were hiding gold-inlayed rubies

thinking that was worth of praise...


I take delight in showing the mortals

how feeble everything is - and how fast

everything goes in that whirlwind of death

where, before ressurection, one rests.


Buried deep, so that only spirits

would scratch its surface with ghostly nails,

your coffer stayed silent and pretty,

hiding its goods in the earth's entrails.


Piece by piece, I took all your treasure

and melted it on a pile of bones

and then I hung the golden skulls

with ruby eyes, above the dark thrones.


Never before have you thought, rich merchant,

that treasure might be not only gold -

you would have tried to get other things,

things that cannot be bought or sold.


Today, ghostly merchant, is that time of year

when even the most pitiful celebrate -

I shall put rubies in your rusty sockets

and we shall play until the day ends.

Happy Necrovion Christmas!





[log poem]Ho Christmas tree Christmas tree

i have only one wish which i wanna to c

that is to make me rich when i click u thy thee..

but every year u say no to my plea ..

so this yr u have left me with only one option

that is to steal thy thee..

Merry Xmas[/log]


And the ranking list, based on the oppinions of 4 judges:


Place 1: TheRichMerchant

Place 2: Elthen Airis

Place 3: AmberRune

Place 4: Bash Chelik

Place 5: Tipu


Details of judging and points given to each participant, you can see HERE.


All rewards will be provided to winners by MD Council.


And last but not least - the organizers of the quest do NOT always share the oppinion of judges, but accept their oppinion as a result of trust granted to them. Any further questions can be discussed here of pm-ed to me.


Thank you for your attention and participation.

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