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Curi Question of the Week [2/5/14]


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Note: Please, be honest with your answers, and don't snipe at others. Only you are liable for *your* actions. So let's keep it to that, mmkay?


Creativity. That's what this game is built upon. When it comes to using your creative juices, do you find it easier to get them flowing while playing MD?


My well was quite dry for a very long time. I had written bits and pieces here and there, but nothing that I really felt proud of. I hadn't drawn in... years? And all it took was a day or two in MD to get me to crave a pencil in my hand and to let my brain go to work.

I find it helps because the creative collaboration of players stretches the mind and gives it exercises when you didn't even think it was doing it. MD is my creative Muse. Is it yours?

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Just a newbie but I can honestly say that playing MD has my creative energies up even when I'm not on.  Mostly because I'm thinking about MD even when I'm idle or logged off.  I like the character I've created (which really wasnt hard to do as it is a character I use in my daily life to lighten up the mood around me)  But it makes me even happier that Petty is a strong character  even on MD. 


My poetry/speaking in prose is definitely heightened and much easier to create.  It's one of those things where opening the door to a new creative realm is the hardest part - once it's opened walking through it is easier (like viscosity!)


so, YES.  MD has made me more creative but *caveat* I'm on AD22. lol

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Hmm. good question. In a way, yes, it does help me to be more creative, but, it's more-so in the sense that it focuses my creativity instead of letting to bounce around here and there. I'm always putting my hand to something (writing, drawing, painting, etc) and often, i have a half-dozen or so unfinished projects waiting on me to bounce my way back around to them. While in MD though, I have to focus those energies in one direction (rp/character specifics and basically, the literary side of my creative nature).


A good current example is this: Others who've gone on the seed-walks with me know that from time to time, I have really good stories and poems, and other times... meh, I shouldn't have really even tried to tell a tale. I think there's a definite correlation between where I already spent all my creativity that day and how much of my imagination is left by the time I get around to making up a story on the spot.

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