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First Step towards gaining a Community for the Quest: Admins


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A Lefora forum has been created (thank you again Aelis) and seems to have everything we'll need. This forum is completely out-of-character and has no relation to MD until the Quest items have actually been placed in MD. Nothing that happens on the forum will influence an MD character, except in extreme examples, by Community Vote, they may be banned from participating.


Current Admins: Main Admin and Creator is Aelis, and Jester is one as well (but Jester doesn't count for this role, as he is only adjusting settings). I would prefer there be 3 Admins, as Triumvirate is an awesome word and makes for a stable group.


Skills needed: Organization, keeping things straight, following the (loose) guidelines, being available for people to message.


Extra: Lefora experience, or experience moderating a forum (bonus if it was similar to Lefora).


Current Tasks: Adding people to the forum so we can get this Community Quest started! People on this forum need to use their MD name or a variation of it (for example, a person with a first and last name using just one of those names) to make it easy to see who is doing what. To make sure nobody imitates another person, when someone asks to be added to the forum, give them a random password specific to them to include in their message to be accepted to the forum.


Future tasks: I would prefer only having two Admins, Aelis as the Creator and Jester to modify settings as needed, so after people are added you would no longer need to perform the Admin role. That being said, you can start on anything you want to work on! You would be especially cut out for the Mod role, but Mods can participate in anything else they wish at the same time, such as a Mod who is also writing a storyline, play a role, or create a puzzle!


If you wish to apply for an Admin role, and I really, really hope you do, post a quick list of what qualifies you to perform these tasks. If you aren't chosen to be an Admin you will likely qualify to be a Mod later, a very important job which can be done in addition to anything else you want to create for this project. Anyone who applies at all will have my gratitude.


I would also appreciate a message with a YIM or Skype account name, but this isn't necessary, it would simply make things easier on me. So, if you don't have one, don't worry about it.


Thank you again! This is currently nothing more than a Quest, but with this step, its on its way to becoming a true Community Quest!

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Because we need an entire forum, with subforums and multiple sections and the easy ability to control who has access to which content. Its far too big a project to do on the MD forum, and would be a hassle sending you guys a list of everyone we wanted moved where, etc. On this forum it appears we can sort people with tags, and tag the forums, and seamlessly control who sees what with hardly any effort.


We are using a system to make sure that people use their MD name or close enough that everyone is easily recognizable, and there is a big page when you first join saying how this forum is for the Community Quest planning, and not an official part of MD.


I'm pretty active today, and don't know lefora very well myself, so I could certainly use some help from some people. This Quest could be incredibly important, I hope some people can imagine it having the same impact I can, and are willing to put in the effort to make something great happen.


There are already so many people willing to help, but I can't even start inviting them without assistance!


A chance to show what we can do as the community of MagicDuel, without needing to rely on admins or councils or special powers to hold our hands, leaving them free to work on what they really need to work on, and us free to enjoy ourselves while they are. And then whenever what they were working on was finished, we can do the exciting things we normally do. But this way, there won't be the waiting in between.


I really, truly believe this is the best way to breathe new life into MagicDuel, attract new players and take some of the pressure off the powers that be at the same time. Isn't it worth a shot?

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Actually, for now I'm backtracking. See my newest topic.


Some people move forwards. Jesters move forwards, backwards, upside down, sideways, and sometimes forwards in a backwardsly direction while standing on our heads and walking with our hands and a stylish Jester's hat placed rakishly at an angle upon our rears.

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