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Negative Reputation Spamming


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  • Root Admin

You have the ability to give both positive and negative reputation on this forum. This is to be purely used to indicate your approval or disapproval of ideas and posts.

It should not be used as a petty weapon against someone. Reputation spamming is the repeated downvoting of a persons posts systematically.

MRAlyon has been warned against doing this, but continued to do so. I am exceptionally disappointed that he has continued to spam members on the forum just because he dislikes them. He even went as far to read the warnings and requests for the reasons of his reputation spamming. A LHO should know better than this and to act better but he did not and this is poor

Hopefully from this we will be able to move forward as a community and accept that these petty squabbles do not help MD. Reputation is an arbitrary number and if you think reducing the value make you feel better than you are a very petty person.

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  • Root Admin

Further Clarification:

It appears MRAlyon has been demoted from being a LHO. Since he has contacted me accusing me of doing this I would like to be perfectly clear, I did not have any contact with Grido as to this action and am unhappy to hear that MRAlyon has apparently had no contact as to the reason of being demoted. I have contacted Grido now and hope he shall offer a reason to MRAlyon asap.

I have sent an official complaint to grido and council as to this action as this affects the good name of the LHO and myself. You should not be demoted without a reason.

I hope this query is cleared up soon, and give my apologies that this has occurred with no apparent reason being given, to MRAlyon.

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I didn't accused you I just asked you if you removed me from LHOs and I wote that if was so why you removed me... I sent a PM also to Grido not only to you... and for let me clear I'm not complaining that you remove from me the reputation system that for me isn't important but for my LHO status

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:) is there a question on WHY ? that was cute.


By the way, for those that don't know where to look. I checked the link after Chewett opened this topic:




This should be the highest rate of spam in MD that I've heard : about 45 neg rep in about 7 minute. Congratulation MRAlyon,

I didn't bothered to check how many did he spam in total.


This is a funny.

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