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Birthday Popularity Contest!

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Many people claim that quests degrade to popularity contests when it comes to votings, elections, or other kind of public opinions.


Therefore, this birthday i will run an actual popularity contest to give away some freebies! :))


The game is very simple: You have until the end of the birthday celebrations to get as many PL entries saying 'I deserve a Drachorn Charm' [or similar, you get the idea] as possible!

You can trade, bribe, beg, call in favors or make new friends who actually want you to get free stuff, whatever crosses your mind counts.


However, it might backfire if you run around and mindlessly ask for pl entries, because people can reduce your score by giving you an entry saying 'I don't deserve a drachorn charm' [or similar] :D



The best few will be rewarded depending on the number of entries they can present at the end of it all. If participation sucks, there'll just be coins and maybe some creatures, but if you get a nice, big number, there might easily be a creature from my collection in for you, or even something from the famous Drachorn's Lair! If you're under 360 active days, that is. This game is just too simple for a veteran to win a drach charm in. ;)


I'll check the participants if there are too many votes from alt accounts on them and might kick them out of the rewards list if there are too many non-unique votes. I'll not be overly harsh on that, but i expect participants to play fair.



So, get out there and socialize!

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By now you probably know about your chances to win, so if you wish to participate in the final count, contact me, either in game, or by forum means. I'll have one of my minions check your entries in case we don't manage to meet due to scheduling problems :D

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The party is over, and thus the quest has ended, too!

In the count i made last night, which i'll go with, the first 3 stand as following:


papaver 13
Lania 8
Gljivoje 5


Each of them has a few negative votes as well, but i don't think we can call that a close race, either. :))

The winning strategy was rather unusual, i'd say, but it seems that this mini-quest has made some waves, i even got a mention in dst's infamous blog! :D


The participation was a lot lower than i hoped for, and thus the price will be a little lower as well.

Papaver shall win a BP Archer from my collection, with about 1200 days and quite some heat to its name.

Lania will receive 6 Silver Coins, and Gljivoje (give or take a few letters, hard name to spell) wins 3 silver.


To all others, thanks for your participation, and better luck next time. I've had some fun watching, at least :))

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