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Buying gold coins with silver

Muratus del Mur

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I need some more gold coins..i just realized i have only two left. So, i am exchanging silver for gold


15 silver for 1 gold


negociable (more silver per coin) if you have more than 3 gold coins...simply because if i find someone to provide all the gold i need it will be more simple for me than buying one by one.


I have both silver coins and notes.


post here the number of gold you are willing to trade and i will find you.



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  • Root Admin

No you got me wrong. I do believe they are your.. i just don't want to take them for free from the db as you said. I want to trade silver for gold, ingame, not db... and i know you had only good intentions, it just sounded as if you told me to spawn some more gold.. missunderstanding.

Whoever i get to contact first ingame i will do this. Apparently so far i didn't manage to contact Miq yet.

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